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From: MM (
Subject:         Leah's response to Doug's Rebuttal
Date: September 1, 2014 at 4:32 pm PST

In Reply to: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits posted by Jeff on August 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm:

So Charlie Abel, a man I interviewed for my book posted Leah's video on his Facebook page. Charlie's a cool guy--a real straight shooter.

I posted as a comment underneath is the links to the court documents about Doug being displined, the thread on here about Jane Mutti's death and how Doug removed it and David Klein, publisher of Vibrance magazine was very upset and e-mailed Doug and this is the story that Doug's been telling everyone which I posted underneath Leah's video on Youtube:


Here is what I recently heard from Dr. Doug Graham:
Leah showed up in Costa Rica with serious problems she had not revealed.
In her pre-fast application she wrote that she was having “some digestive problems.”
She arrived with longstanding bleeding ulcerative colitis.
So, she hid vital information and that was a serious mistake on her part.
A fasting doctor needs a full and honest health profile disclosure.
She was required to reveal the truth for her own safety.
She elected to fast, and revealed her severe condition to Dr. Graham, and elected to continue with the fast.
Leah revealed that she had bled daily for a year before coming to fast.
The bleeding stopped during the fast.
The day before she went to the hospital, Dr. Graham reported that Leah took a long walk, the longest she’d taken since before the fast began.
She seemed to be turning the corner for the best.
Then her condition took a downhill turn, and Dr. Graham sent her to the hospital.
This can happen with any fasting case and any ulcerative colitis healing process.
The hospital doctor said she was near death--they do not understand fasting, detoxification and self-healing.
The MDs probably would have said that of all the fasters, the other 15 of whom were happy about this year’s experience and are now thriving, according to Dr. Graham.
In Dr. Graham’s assessment, she was not anywhere near death.
I have done long fasts and appeared “near death.” Death was not near.
Dr. Graham said he does not accept people with bleeding ulcerative colitis--instead, he recommends my Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's book and my counseling by phone or Skype.
He would have referred her to me if she had done her duty and revealed her debilitated bleeding ulcerative colitis condition in her application.
I never recommend water fasting for ulcerative colitis.

I wrote this in the interest of fairly getting to the truth in a just and rational way, and stopping the defamatory, libelous allegations. Justice cannot be served by one accusatory Youtube rant. I have no interest in investigating the facts and judging this issue. It’s not my business. I just wanted to report on what the smeared party in this public “lynching” had to say---the doctor who has successfully fasted and saved the lives of thousands of people. As for complaints about Dr. Graham’s manners, I suggest that people take that up with him directly, rather than complaining to your social media friends. I also invite everyone to think deeply about this long-held assertion of mine: the toughest job in the world is caring for sickly people who are fasting. If you have ever fasted with a group of people, some of whom were recovering from illness, you might understand and appreciate the fasting doctors in this world a bit better.

Here is Leah's response to the above comments:

Leah Branster
Thanks for sharing this... I am in complete shock reading these lies. I purchased David Klein's book Self Healing Colitis on 22 November 2012. I wrote to David Klein on 17 April 2013 and we had a skype consultation on 23 April 2013 with him. I will be making a video in response to his comments. I have my pre-fast application form saved on my computer with the time and date it was created and I also the time and date stamp of the email sent to Doug enclosing the application form. Everything was disclosed...


And here is David Klein's most recent threats directed to me:

Michele, you can carry on your public vendetta, but you might have to answer for this in a courtroom, and your diploma may be revoked. FB is NOT the place for your one-person kangaroo court. I'd be embarrassed. You are embarrassing the UNH.


Notice that both he and Heidi have both used the same word "vendetta". Both words no doubt they have heard from Doug.

I made it clear that all records I shared were public information and that I have never worked with or for Doug.

So it should be interesting hearing/seeing what Leah shares in regards to this and exposing more od Doug's cover-ups/lies.

I am so glad she saved that info on her computer so it's not another he said/she said.

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