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From: GIna (
Subject:         Re: Dental health.
Date: September 1, 2014 at 1:11 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Dental health. posted by TruthBe Known on August 31, 2014 at 8:43 pm:

Hi Truth Be Known,
In Chinese medicine, we do a differential diagnosis using our own methodology. For teeth problems, like loose teeth, cavities (tooth pain), infections, etc, we have different formulas if different constitutions manifest: yang and essence deficiency, yin and essence deficiency, stomach fire, "damp-heat" etc. So, there are a variety of formulas for the teeth and mouth depending on the constitution.
Recently I helped someone with a loose tooth. He wanted to pull it but I fixed it. he had had the stomach flu from food poisoning (idiot ate at a fast food restaurant). it caused severe digestive distress for weeks and hence a loose tooth. So I put him on damp heat herbs, plus kidney yang and essence herbs, Immune system herbs like echinacea, plus herbs to tonify his weak stomach, plus I gave him topical herbs and put him on a high calcium diet (lots of green juices, etc). His tooth recovered after about a month of these herbs and high alkaline diet. Lastly, I gave him a formula for tooth pain, which does not have side effects, but also promotes healing.
This is just one case study based on his unique situation. Everyone will require different herbs for their unique situation.
REcently I took two vegans to see my pulse master teacher. He analyzed that one had too much coldness and one had too much heat, so both were vegans and both were skinny and both were old (Over 70), but both required opposite herbs from each other.
In another post about teeth (please read so I don't need to repeat myself) I explained how to use one pound of nopal daily or every other day for the teeth. yes, humans needs that much calcium to repair.
The feeling of healing the teeth is beautiful. A wonderful circulation goes through the gums and into the center of the tooth.
DOn't expect all acupuncturists to know how to fix teeth. I just happen to have the experience in herbs. Most don't have time to mess with lots of herbs, especially raw herbs.
I know one naturopath that would have his patients grind up a calcium pill made from cattle bone and leave it on their teeth at night and it would heal small cavities. The same concept is applied in a vegan way using tooth powder with comfrey as a base.
I don't mean to disrespect the author of that book "Cure tooth decay" because I know one of his star witnesses is a raw vegan who crossed over.

Who am I to argue with a vegan who could not get their diet right and changed their diet to meet their needs? Look at how Brian Clement eats. Totally different from the fruit bats. The same with Lou corona. They both have close to 40 years of high raw vegan diets and they look many years younger than their real age.

I too have seen some vegetarian health disasters that made me want to run far and fast from vegans (early on in my beginning as a vegan), but we also have seen meat eating health disasters. The bottom line is ignorance in all cases.

What I wanted to stress is that there is a way for vegans to repair their teeth in a vegan way. I am not trying to convert anyone not meant to convert. But I am also saying that meat eating way is NO ANSWER for the vegans who are meant to be vegan.

I am meant to be vegan but I don't think everyone is and I think it has to do with a person's thinking, values, and job in life. Soldiers, police men, fire fighters, etc are probably meant to be meat eaters, because cholesterol fuels more hormones, more adrenaline.
But wherever there is an advantage, there is also a disadvantage, as my Chinese teacher says.

Anyway, TRuth Be KNown, I am not trying to convert you at all. The most important thing in life is to practice truthfulness, compassion and forbearance in all you do and think. The most important relationships are with your fellow humans, not animals (even though I believe murdering animals incurs tremendous karma). HOw you eat can be modified over time, as you discover ways to adopt healthier options that are better for you and the planet. Learning how to eat enough greens through juicing, blending etc is a slow process, but well worth it in the end, especially if you ever develop an inflammatory disease from your meat foods and you are scared of calcium loss by going vegan. That author has it right about sprouting and culturing. You can sprout unhulled sesame seeds (very high in calcium) and then culture them into a yogurt. Watch lou corona on youtube who is the king of nut and seed yogurt.

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