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From: Thinkpleasethink (
Subject:         Raw Food Quacks
Date: August 31, 2014 at 7:41 pm PST

What is common among all these individuals? (not in any

Doug Graham, T.C.Fry, Andrew Perlot, Kristina Bucaram,
Harley, Freelea, Arnsteins, Fredric Patenaude, Roger Heske,
and every other raw food evangelist/coach/mentor/guru?

They are all quacks.

Who is a quack?

Dictionary definition -

a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have
skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not
possess; a charlatan

Aren't all of above opinionated charlatans? None of them
have a medical or even a nutrition degree from an accredited
school? None of them have done the time in real scientific
study to come out with a proven concept.

They will argue medical schools dont teach nutrition.
Agreed. So why not go get a proper nutrition degree? Why not
do the work first? Why not do some research first with
laboratory experiments, trials, scientific studies? Why not
do any of the above before self nominating oneself a 'guru'
just because someones ideology made sense to you at some
point in time in your life? And more importantly give advice
to people on their health!!! it took some books and
brainwashing for say Andrew Perlot to become a health guru.
It took a few books to turnaround Mike to become a raw
vegan. Good for you guys, try it on yourselves but don't go
counseling others with no credentials. YOU Are charlatans
just as Doug Graham is one.

The recent doug graham issue about fasting deaths etc is yet
another eye opener on why natural hygiene principles and
this militant raw food diet along with their fanatic self
nominated gurus are a BIG threat to everyone's health.
Shouldn't one stop following these self prophesied gurus who
don't know any better than anyone else. Health and Nutrition
is not black and white. It is not binary, 1 or 0. These
charlatans who charge by the hour for counseling you have
NOT Done any work in the field (if they say they have worked
with 100's of people...that's BS. they might have emailed
100 of people but that doesnt equate to scientific study and
experimentation and critical thinking) for you to trust them
or even go to them!!!

People, wake up and smell the reality. Move on with your

How many of these raw foodists have done anything
pathbreaking? How many our ancestors - the scientists,
innovators, inventors, builders, the pioneers in our history
who heralded a better life for us were raw vegans? How many
of these newly turned raw vegans for the last decades have
moved on with their lives and have created something great
for society? All they have done is bicker, fight, see saw on
their diets and have fallen trap to dogma and cult worship.

We deserve better people! Some of them joined the bandwagon
because they truly want to help others. But they are doing a
disservice to others by merely following other
charlatans.Deny these charlatans the means to brainwash you.
Force them to get back to reality and force them to go back
to school or work or to be productive in some way to

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