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From: Dr Gosia O'Reilly (
Subject:         Thanks & Request for Patience, Jeff + a note on Compassion and Duty of Care for ALL
Date: August 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm PST

In Reply to: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits posted by Jeff on August 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for your decision to allow people to speak. At the same time I kindly ask for your patience. There has been a lot that was being censored from the view of others for a long time, a lot of hurt that this has caused, and so it will take some considerable time to heal and repair the damage. Compassion and duty of care is needed here.

To anyone who feels compassion to Leah and others who suffered at Dougís fasting retreat, I appeal that you open your heart to others, who suffered as the result of following hurtful advice by other promoters. Below you will find one story by Heather (who I know personally) that I am sharing, but there is a lot more there. If you canít feel compassion for a young mother who spent months in a hospital and lost the ability to look after her baby, and for the baby who lost her mum for many months as the result, then there isnít much I can say to change that. But my hope is that you will open your eyes, ears and heart. And I hope that something good will come out of this.

Specifically, the purpose of this sharing is not to encourage you to start attacking those that you might see as responsible for this. Rather, my aim is to encourage everyone, including Doug and Harley, to see that Duty of Care is something that should be embedded in the practice by all. Those who advertize themselves as educators, nutritionists, coaches, leaders, gurus, and give paid & free advice, as well as those who engage in information sharing.

Raw food community has a lot to offer. There is still a door open for us to choose the right direction and start taking more responsible approach in our activities. Adopt ZERO tolerance to the lack of care.

1) Allow everyone to speak freely about their experience, including the negative, on ALL forums Ė the owners can facilitate this (just as Jeff is doing so here), the members can demand that this occurs. We all deserve to be properly informed.

2) When giving advice or voicing an opinion, be transparent about who you are Ė Leaders, give full, truthful and unembellished details about your experience and education. If you failed year 10, did not really have anorexia, are unregistered health practitioner or lost a license, people who read your website and might be inclined to start following your advice, deserve to know. Everyone who shares, it is OK to share your opinion, but it is not OK to give advice when you have no skills to do so.

3) Information about where to go to report those who violate code of conduct for registered/unregistered health promoters should be made more accessible to everyone. Those who read forums and websites deserve to know their rights and steps they can take if those rights are not respected.

I agree with Lennie, we are all humans, and we all make mistakes. Let us see the good in us and use it. This situation could be a catalyst to transform the practices of our community. It is all up to you. You who read this are the powerful being that can make this happen.


Here is a story by Heather, posted in May 2012 on 30bananasadaysucks forum:

"I started following Durian Riderís advice in late 2007, from the Raw Pleasure boards, and became fruity raw, and knew all about the ďimportanceĒ of high calories, water, sleep, sunshine etc. So I followed this advice, which became 30BADís guidelines, for the next 2.5 years, although I did occasionally have non-raw fruit and veggies if I was without ripe fruit but I think this is a small detail because Durian Rider and Freelee both include some non-raw fruit, and it was only every few months. So as you know Gosia, my dental issues developed, this was about one year into starting the diet/lifestyle and I put it down to lots of fresh orange juice (1-3L/day). At this stage I had yellowing teeth and after a trip to the dentist I found I had 3 new holes in my teeth and that my enamel had eroded. My teeth had always been excellent and white (and I have always used natural toothpaste including as a child) and I had only ever had one filling with regular dental check-ups (every 6-12 months). The damage and yellowing continued and I developed dark brown marks on the top of my upper teeth, light brown marks on my molars, receding gums and I havenít been brave enough to go to the dentist since to see about cavities. I even cut way back on citrus but that didnít seem to help much.

I managed to maintain my fitness following DRís advice, but I was often fatigued. I often needed naps in the day which was a new thing to me. This culminated in extreme fatigue where I was sleeping in, napping, not exercising and going to bed very early. I was getting my housemate to do my shopping and relying on deliveries because I was too tired to go out and shop. I was also very moody, often crying and feeling very Ďfed-upí and arguing about silly things. I was not happy. I lost a lot of weight. Gosia, when I was living in Hobart and meeting with you I was down to about 48kg which is probably about normal for a high-carb raw vegan my height but when I was living in Stanley I got down to 40kg and so many people were very worried about me. Eventually I was so unwell that I was taken to hospital several times and spent a total of 4 months in there. I was just too tired to look after myself by this stage. I was diagnosed with sodium deficiency, B12 deficiency (despite having done a course of shots) and depression and was suspected to have an eating disorder (but because I had started eating more fat and cooked food my weight had gone up and I was now within the Ďhealthyí BMI range). It was a total of 10 months that I spent unable to look after myself Ė I was living with my parents when I wasnít in hospital, they did my shopping, washing, brought me food while I was in bed etc and Shane looked after Jarrah. In hospital I put on heaps of weight (drugs+crap food) and am still losing it now, thanks to the 30BAD advice that seemingly led me to being in hospital and getting sick and then overweight.

Still after being a bit better and able to look after myself again I went back to the 30BAD world to give it another go and was too afraid to tell my story on the forum. I wasnít losing any weight unless I ate less than 2000 cals and my fitness was going backwards. So now Iím eating way less fruit and much more cooked food and things are looking up. Way up. Iím involved in life again, more so than I ever was eating fruity raw. And I havenít had a nap for months. I have also had awesome results from taking oral/sublingual B12 which DR advices against.

I doubt I will ever go back to a high fruit diet."

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