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From: Roger (
Subject:         Re: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits
Date: August 22, 2014 at 12:20 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits posted by mic on August 22, 2014 at 7:11 am:

Aloha Michael,

Thanks for your question.

I still recommend a relatively low fat (high greens and high carbs) all Raw Food Diet for people who want to take their lives to the highest levels of health, happiness and success.

Though I suggest that 15% of total calories from fat is not a problem for relatively healthy people. If you want to go a little higher and don't notice any problems then go for it. In the final analysis you have to figure out what works for you and not blindly listen to a teacher.

Me personally these days my fat is probably below 10% because I'm enjoying what I eat so much that I don't need all of the fatty foods. But that's because I do things very differently than in 811.

While there are a lot of great ideas in The 80-10-10 Diet, there are also things taught in there that could cause people some major health problems if followed for a long time.

However, it's quite possible to be 100% raw long term and have FANTASTIC results.

I've been all raw for just short of 13 years now.

I've had to make many adaptations as I found many wives tales taught in Natural Hygiene and even in the 811 book.

I also ended up having problems with my teeth. This is an epidemic in the raw food world. And honestly I think you can blame Doug for a lot of that.


Because for years on this board he made it seem like raw vegans following his health plan get no more cavities than the average person on a cooked food diet.

Well this has been proven wrong repeatedly. I know so many raw foodists and raw children who got a ton of cavities eating like this.

I myself got way more problems with my teeth - erosion and cavities than I did in my cooked food days.

And considering all the people he worked with and consulted he should have definitely known this.

Also his close friend and associate Dr. Tim Trader told me years ago (probably around 2003) about the rampant problems with tooth decay with people eating a high fruit Raw Food Diet.

So I think it should be obvious that he knew about the problem but decided to pretend like it wasn't happening.

Of course, I did eventually find several solutions to the tooth issue and created my Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder Program to easily counter the tooth decay problem.

I think in many cases Doug may have witheld crucial information about the results or lack of results people were getting on his program.

Unfortunately he treated his diet program more like a religion than science. And when things didn't work he refused to change and adapt.

This is why there was such a high failure rate of people adapting 811 like a religion. Because they either did it his way exactly or close to exactly or went back to eating cooked food with no inbetween.

So it's not just about fasting negligence with Doug. But his nutritional advice as well.

Just know that one can eat high carb raw for long term and do amazingly well. But I believe 99% of people could not thrive on what is taught in 811 for the long term.

Short term a for a year they might be able to do well. Some people can't go anywhere close to that long before problems start to happen.

Again, what I teach and do these days is a FAR cry from what is taught in 811. And it's a far cry from Natural Hygiene.

But it actually works and works wonderfully well.

And if for some reason it stopped working or I needed to make more adjustments to it, I would. I'm going to make improvements and alterations as and if needed.


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