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From: Dr. Doug Graham (
Subject:         Re: re: Could you provide me a comprehensive list of tender green vegetable? Dr. Graham
Date: January 15, 2014 at 9:12 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: re: Could you provide me a comprehensive list of tender green vegetable? Dr. Graham posted by Eric on January 15, 2014 at 7:21 pm:

I happen to disagree. On many points. I definitely don't wish to argue with you about this. You asked my opinion, and I gave it. I'm quite willing to listen to you, as well. But I do disagree with you, especially as follows:

Eric: You could still take all the fibers you need to have 3 bowel movements but at same time you could add beside powerful nutrient green juices.

DG: You could, but I believe whole food is always the most nutritious. Removing a nutrient from a food can't possibly make it more nutritious.

Eric: In case of stage IV cancer I think green juice could be great .

DG: Fine. I disagree. BTW, do you have any medical or nutritional training?

Eric: Green juice without fiber is more bio-available and digested easily..

DG: Fiber does not get digested, so removing the fiber from a food does not reduce digestive effort.
Blended or even properly chewed, the liquid portions of vegetables are fully just as bio-available as they are when juiced.

Eric: The assimilation of nutrients in green juice are more fast as well.

DG: I am not even slightly convinced that speeding the uptake of nutrients beyond the norm dictated by nature is an advantage. Heck, if you want quick uptake, just use an IV drip.
Would you mind showing me ANY support of your position that assimilation (the process of nutrients entering the cell from the bloodstream) of green juice is faster than the process of nutrients from digested greens in the bloodstream entering the cell?

Eric: It could give a break to your digestive system.

DG: Actually, the digestive system does not function as well without fiber as it does with fiber.

Eric: to drink the green juice without fiber... so it gives you more energy to heal.. if you dont spend energy to digest more fiber...

DG: If we are looking to maximize energy to heal, then fasting would be the best approach.

Eric: If you take your fiber portion somewhere else during your day but as a powerful nutrient drink you add some green juice is not bad?

DG: There is information that the green juice passes through the digestive tract at the speed of water, too fast to properly absorb the nutrients in the juice...
Concentrating nutrients, as in a juice or supplement, does not equate with better nutrition. "More" does not equate with better in the world of nutrition. Greater quantities of nutrients does not make for better health. Nature got it perfect by supplying exactly the correct quantity of nutrients in every food.

Eric: You could still take your fiber in your fruit..and take plenty of greeen juice.?

DG: Why would I want green juice? The premise that cancer patients need more nutrients, and specifically the ones in juice, is not valid.

Eric: Dont you agree the green juice is the most Healing thing you could do?

DG: The body does all healing. Food does not heal the body, and food does not build the body.

Eric: The wild monkeys juice the manual way. ( wadging)

DG: If you prefer to wadge your veggies, be my guest. Do wild monkeys wadge specifically when they have Stage IV cancer? I don't think so.

Eric: A stage-4 cancer patient has limited energy to digest..

DG: Is this a generic truism? Does it matter what type of cancer the person has?

Eric: so dont you think it would be appropriate to reduce energy spending.. and a cancer patient would need extra energy to promote faster Healing.

DG: Again, if I wish to put a person in a position where they have maximum energy for healing, I would recommend that the person fast.

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