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From: soooright (
Subject:         Bloodsucker Proxy
Date: April 11, 2012 at 12:27 pm PST

A bright, sunshiny day with puffy clouds and gentle breezes,
a president who has just declared “Mission Accomplished!”
after destroying the Iraqi army and launching punitive
attacks on Islamist jihadi strongholds in answer to their
sucker punching America at the World Trade Towers.
Things seem to be going great. One man, however, a
billionaire instrumental in destabilizing and corrupting
various countries including Serbia, Russian Georgia, the
Ukraine, Croatia, Kosovo, and Slovakia, and has looted the
treasuries and resources of many others, who also hit from
both sides of the plate in European anti-Semitism, is
depressed. The American people appear to be too happy, too
proud, too content, especially the rich and particularly the
lower classes.

George Soros, a fervent anti-capitalist and extreme left-
wing liberal, wants elemental change in the castle keep of
personal freedom and free enterprise: America. His dream is
complete redistribution of all property and wealth through
an international financial management system controlled by
him. His plan includes excessive taxes on the rich and on
business, with extravagant government spending in a nanny-
state structure providing an opiate for the hoi polloi and
which would eventually develop into a global one-world
government under his supervision.

Knowing that he can never be considered as a candidate for
PotUS, he can acquire and consolidate the political power he
needs only through a proxy, one who either already shares
his socialist, welfare-state, anti-firearm, non-Judeo-
Christian, socially engineered delusion or can be programmed
to accept and promote it.

Whom to pick . . . Whom to pick -- the American public would
never go for another Jimmy Carter presidency, Slick Willy
Clinton is ineligible because of that pesky 22nd Amendment,
and Hillary is simply too headstrong. He wets his
metaphorical finger to test the political climate and
decides that because of America’s all-consuming need to
overcome racism while being politically correct and
maintaining a very modern façade of coolness, an ignorant
but eloquent black man would be perfect.

A black man with extremely tenuous social, cultural, and
patriotic ties to mainstream American society would be the
best candidate to indoctrinate and groom to serve as his
proxy PotUS. And almost immediately he finds one: a young
man sired by an African socialist troublemaker, born on the
distant fringes of American cultural norms, raised in a
foreign country by a disturbed mother, and drifting through
life with no moral, ethical, familial, or political compass.

This would be just the pretender to install in the Oval
Office to wreak catastrophic damage on all facets of US
government, an inexperienced, untrained, unqualified, and
inept klutz to hold the reins of the strongest military, the
biggest economy, and the freest society on the planet.

All Soros would then have to do is provide him with yes men,
toadies, sycophants, tree-huggers, firearm abolitionists,
union thugs, white apologists, ethic loyalists, and media
genuflectors, which for a man growing old with billions of
dollars at his disposal is not a particularly complex or
difficult undertaking.

So that’s what he did. It was a classic media blitz which
would have made Goebbels orgasmic. This lost, confused,
misled, half-breed drifter was introduced to a racially
remorseful America by an ultra-popular media-savvy black
woman; staffed with a battalion of flatterers, mythologists,
speechwriters, and professional propagandists; adorned with
titles such as “author,” “community organizer,”
“Constitutional professor,” “senator,” and even “Harvard Law
School graduate”; and advertised as the “Hope for the
Future” and a “Change for the Better.”

His agenda was to close the detention center at Guantanamo,
afford all “enemy combatants” rights guaranteed by the
Constitution to American citizens and try them in civil
courts with bleeding heart judges and bribed juries,
eliminate dependency upon fossil fuels in favor of unicorn
droppings and pixie dust, provide free health care to
everyone on the planet at US taxpayers’ expense, declare
amnesty for all illegal Latinos to increase the number of
welfare-dependent voters supporting leftist nanny-state
policies, deactivate all nuclear weapons in the US arsenal
so as to shame other nations into doing the same in some
sort of monkey-see/monkey-do scenario, eliminate all
personal firearms everywhere, abolish the US military except
for ceremonial purposes, and modify the US Legal Code to
conform to UN regulations and policies.

George was beside himself with glee. His proxy PotUS was
even more than he’d hoped for -- glib, smarmy, cute,
smiling, eloquent, a full-fledged socialist by nature, and a
racist. With the House and Senate already firmly left of
center, this kid would be able to suspend habeus corpus,
eliminate right-wing talk shows, piss off every ally the US
has ever had, drive Christianity to the brink of extinction,
completely destroy what remains of the US educational
system, bring Shari’a law to every courtroom in the country,
and place the UN flag above the Stars and Stripes on every
government building in the United States, all before the
success-fearing GOP realized what was happening.

By the 2016 election, Soros calculated, the SCotUS would
have at least a 7:2 if not an 8:1 left-wing bias, and the
influx of welfare-dependent voters, particularly Latinos,
would ensure overwhelming majorities in both houses of
Congress. The 22nd Amendment would be swept aside like a
training bra in a hormone riot, and he would be in control
of an absolute dictator with more power than Hitler,
Mussolini, and Stalin together could have imagined.

He would have no need to step in and take personal charge of
things, because the young proxy would be too busy partying,
making speeches, and playing golf to actually develop his
completely absent executive and managerial skills. All he’d
have to do is pull the strings on his puppet, his proxy. A
very tidy, feasible, and effective plan for world

But as Bobbie Bur-r-r-ns long ago observed, “The best laid
plans . . . gang aft agley.” Voters flushed the Democrat
majority out of the House in mid-terms. The administration’s
efforts to stimulate the sagging economy along with its
backing of doomed environment-friendly manufacturing
companies might very well weaken the puppet’s chances for
re-election. The single jewel in the administration’s left-
tilting crown, socialized medicine, could be classified as
unconstitutional by SCotUS before the next general election.
The proxy’s wife regularly appears in public wearing “hooker
chic.” And Gitmo is still open for business.

My sense of it all is that if asked, a solid majority of US
citizens over the age of 25 or so would agree that the UN is
an America-bashing, tribal-oriented, bloodthirsty,
socialist-leaning, wealth-redistribution club designed to
invent problems for the American taxpayers to provide funds
for solving which then wind up in the pockets of
ambassadors, delegates, and petty a$$h0les in 3rd world
ghettos. And if blacks weren’t by nature going to vote for
anybody who’s not white, the Bloodsucker Proxy would be the
one which jumps out the window.

Soros may indeed be a brilliant intellect and major power
player, but he seems to be completely off the paper where
targeting mainstream America is concerned. And his proxy’s
hula hoop has gone out of round and developed a serious
wobble. It just may be that the false teeth, or the false
proxy, may not be able to stop the legitimate machinery this

As another poet, the diminutive Pope, tells us, “Hope
springs eternal in the human breast,” and he didn’t mean the
Kenyan form of it.

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