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From: soooright (
Subject:         Is this cut-and-paste racist?
Date: March 26, 2012 at 4:12 pm PST

In Reply to: Uppity Problem Causer posted by Good Republican on March 21, 2012 at 6:01 pm:

I see that noted RWPP [Racist Warlord Povery Pimp]
millionaire Jesse Jackson has gotten into this mess.
The headline on Drudge: "Blacks Are Under Attack".
So saith Jesse Jackson. I have to agree with him,
but he didn't go far enough. It should really be,
Blacks Are Under Attack by other blacks. More blacks
are killed in any big city in one month that they
are by whites in the rest of the country in an
entire year. That's what you a$$holes should be
concerned about. Black on black crime. That is a
much bigger problem than George Zimmerman killing
this black kid. And I'll bet more whites are killed
by blacks than blacks by whites. But that doesn't
fit the narrative and that doesn't give Sharpton and
Jackson a chance to run to the nearest microphones
and shout racism.

Why don't you guys start worrying about the sorry
state of education in the black community? Yannow,
the education systems that are run by Dimocrats. Why
aren't you guys worried about the sorry state of the
black family that started to collapse at the same
time that Lyndon Johnson started his Great F******
Society? Welfare was the worst thing that could have
happened to the black family. If the KKK were
planning to destroy the black community, they
couldn't have done a better job than the Dimocrats
and the useful idiot black politicians like John
Lewis. After all, the KKK was the militant arm of
the Dimocrat Party just like now the LSM [Lame-
Stream Media] is the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat

But no. That would involve common sense. It's so
much easier to blame whitey and dumb blacks and
liberal whites have bought into the bu11$hit
preached by Jesse and Al who have both become very
rich by exploiting the black community while not
improving their lot and keeping them dependent upon
gummint programs. Stay on dat plantation and keep
votin' fer dem Dimocrat politicians. Keep dem
goodies flowin'.

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