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Subject:         pretty girl in spanish
Date: April 30, 2020 at 10:21 am PST

In Reply to: New LDS Veggie on board posted by Annmarie on December 4, 2004 at 1:52 pm:

The Mexico We find

(SAN BLAS, south america) "they come up here with no money, they can speak the language, And they anticipate finding work and a comfortable life. Maybe discover go down to Mexico with no money, Not communicating in any Spanish, And see if they welcome you with open arms. you would not last six months let alone a year, that's if you weren't killed first, Advice/idea I expected while arguing with an anti immigrant racist in Oregon, might probably 2008.

Today makes two years since my wife Glenda and I rolled into this central Mexican coastal town of San Blas, Nayarit, Our entire lives condensed to the area contained in our 95 Ford cargo van. We arrived on traditional Eve, 2009, by way of $2000 US. (the money we owned), label making machine, Signmaking implements, Metal engaging tools, every welder, Music equipment and other things that we thought we just might make a living with.

We spoke Spanish at the level of a three year old child. We had no stuff back in the US, No monthly pension, No savings account to fall back on, No dure. We agreed that regardless of how things went, We examine consider leaving for one year. A year much earlier, We had never observed San Blas, would've thought Nayarit (the state of hawaii we are in) Was probably a place in Indonesia, And had not even really seriously considered living anywhere pimple control Oregon, child the Mexican tropics. Our desire to move to Mexico, As monumental as it was, Is one that we cannot pinpoint the exact time of.

It just seemed right and we were ready for a journey, among other things. our were all adults and doing well, So we had arrived free to go.

to be sure, financial institutions are not giving loans for older farmhouses, So we ended up selling our house for much less than expected, Our little nest egg that we hoped to start our new life with reduced to nearly nothing. I began to wonder just how primitive our life would be. I know nothing about fishing, But figured if we were on the actual, we might eat anyways. We surpassed the border and drove South until we got to Mazatlan.

community,wi-fi network night there, We had community,wi-fi network bout of "What in god's name have we done, Fueled by cheap Tequila and a fear of the vague unknown, And the conclusion that we could not just go back to our house in Oregon. your current second day in Mazatlan, Having saved our wits a bit, We considered on a map and saw San Blas, An humble dot on the coast North of Puerto Vallarta.

another morning, We departed Mazatlan, Happy to at least have a possible safe place, And six hours newer, Crossed the bridge leading into San Blas. The two years since have actually been tough at times, But extraordinary. I miss my children, And I frequently miss the hauntingly beautiful rainy, cloudy days of Oregon, that is about it. After at the moment down here, American society and all it's features remind me of a tired old whore. All show and glitter and padding on the outside of, But bitter, Frail and empty inside and terrified of the many things it perceives to be "downfalls, I see a lot more strength and power in the little old man here, A victim of earlier childhood days polio who can barely walk, Who per day loads his cart with coconuts and pushes them through town to sell, Than the particular medal chested US/NATO Generals and their WMD's and their nukes, Cluster bombs and cruise missiles plan. They are just malicious, Ignorant children when compared to him.

Our Spanish was so poor that finding work was extremely hard. I found canvas jobs through friends, And we made and sold stickers of different kinds, however, the key going was slow. We did not bring anything down here with the intent of selling it. It was a daunting enough task to get our expereince of living in one cargo van, let alone bring "extremely" materials. alternatively, As our economic situation began to falter, We had to re examine our things. Not too for a while following that we sold a Peavy PA and set of congas, then the kayak, gas jack, Stereo guitar amp, Bench grinding machine, dice saw, Fishing poles and a mic. Eventually we known our van, As we a lot more really needed it. So we got along with the first year, But lost a lot of the things we thought we could use to cash in on.

I wrote this classes,which wanted to April, 2010.

"We have been drinking more than ever before lately. Our brew of preference is Pacifico. We are running out of money and are unable to do anything about it. We have only a months rent money left and work is coming in much much slower than needed. So we drink beer to relax while we can and disregard the freight train of destitution bearing down on us. however, Drinking beer in Mexico is expensive.

The average worker has to work slightly over an hour to earn enough to get one quart of beer. We both are aware of the irony of our purchasing beer to help us relax and stop worrying about money. The toughest thing for me is not knowing how to handle our situation. by law I cannot work here, But I know I has to, despite the consequences. i never felt so helpless and without options.

My Spanish is so limited that just bidding on a job is extremely hard without a translator. I really did not realize what a handicap not speaking the language could well. But more has to be done and we are going to have to take chances and be more visible in order to bring in more money.

this was all expected, bear in mind, But a realistic look at it is huge. as you can imagine the more visible we are to customers, The greater the chances are that we will be asked to show our work permits and visas. People say that we would be deported unless we struck a deal or were able to get enough people from the community to vouch for us.

Community input is taken seriously here. An obnoxious neighbor can actually be voted out of the neighborhood. instead, A person who is of benefit to town and well liked will receive special consideration. I like this hours and hope to be on the good end of it should the need arise,

" As the name implies, Pharmacia El Centro is right in town. the good thing is was that I got the job of re lettering the building, But the bad news was that I would be very very visible, And I am working dishonestly. I wished that I could blend in more, But I dont stand a chance for that. I am light, Taller than most all here, and are a shaved head. People utilized seeing gringos here, But rarely do they see them operating. I really am interested in getting deported. My friends tell me that in earlier times, It never happened if you do not got into trouble, But as early as the US started cracking down, So has the mexican govt. I cant say I attribute them. This is incredibly nerve wracking,

consequently, We have gotten our legal status here be capable of, It was only lack of money that kept us from taking care of that in the first instance. We discovered Mexican laws to be quite fair and have no desire to disregard them. I think of the many times that I looked in the fridge and exclaimed "nothing is to eat, substantially fact, there were plenty. We did not come down here wanting an easy life. most players here works hard for not nearly enough, seems like.

Friends and community become valuable for people who struggle. I havent had to yet, But I know i can. It is altering.

The world is a different place as long as you're out of money. anything you see is a reminder that you cannot afford it, And at that time it seems like everyone else can. People are surprised to hear of a gringo down here finding it hard. They assume that like a lot of the others here, That the majority of a pension, SS or something to live on. Yesterday I got my box of stickers and went out walking around selling them. I did acceptable and before too long had 70 pesos, Enough to get dinner and coffee for that morning.

When my children were maturing, Just about every time we went out to eat I reminded them of the fact that only the wealthiest 6% of the people on earth could afford to do what we were doing. If you can afford to drive to a restaurant and order a meal, girls in spanish you're indeed in the top 6%. Most Americans go not realize how privileged they are. If a severe depression symptoms ever hits The US, the effects will be immense.

Americans are used to a standard of living that most the people of the world can only dream of. Take that away and there will be unparalleled chaos. I guess the profit margin is not large enough for that to happen.

Every minute of day-after-day, Thirty children under the age of 6 die from starvation or malnutrition related illness. Yet this means nothing to the war profiteers and their bought and paid for politicians. In a just overall world, Boeing, Lockheed/Martin, United tools,General all electric, essential Atomics, Honeywell and all the others that grow fat and rich off the death and misery of others would be charged with murder for not only the girlfriend in spanish victims of their shiny overpriced weapons, but in addition every starvation death. i recall in Sunday School hearing that "The meek shall inherit the earth,

All I see the meek getting is grief and misery. I see the haughty, Hateful and genocidal sociopaths of the world taking the Earth and whatever they want in it, when the good people suffer and struggle for the crumbs. He allows the rich to plunder and kill the poor and poison the children with depleted uranium. packed a God, I say he is heartless and absolutely nugatory. He blesses murderers and evil and punishes perfect. i believe, God has become the Devil. attemptedto make pancakes with flour and water, But were lousy. going 10, Our friend, Abel called me over and offered me a stalk of bananas and some fish. regarding vecinos, others who live nearby, appear to have been great. We never discuss our financial circumstances, But they know we have to work for income, and i believe they perceive that it must be tough with our limited Spanish. I was blown away at how the crocs would just come up out of nowhere in a surge of water, teeth, Teeth and dark green death, The victims not position a chance. i remember as a kid, Hating the crocodiles and thinking that if I were the cameraman, I'd shoot a few of these bastards.

up to date, All my boat lettering jobs have been receiving the beach, Which works great. I observe the tides, Go at low tide and letter them while they are sitting on the beach, quite high and dry. yesterday tho, Things become different. The boat to be lettered is at the river. People are sometimes surprised to hear of crocodiles in Mexico, But here in began in the part they are abundant.

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