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From: Mark Tyler (
Subject:         Vegan Musings
Date: March 21, 2014 at 10:07 am PST

As I sat across from my boss's desk, he was just diving into a slider burger. He'd noticed that I had lost weight, and I said I was eating low fat vegan.

He commented that I must have a lot of will power. Well, there is some of that, but that is not what propels my vegan ship forward.

I posited the following: What if there were two plates in front of you. One was an outstanding center cut filet steak as good as any you've ever had. The other plate has a variety of steamed vegetables. If you knew that eating the steak would give you a fatal heart attack, but also knew that as long as you eat the vegetables instead, what would you do?

That scenario is artificial of course. You don't and can't know if that steak will kill you. In fact, some people will never have a heart attack, let alone a fatal one.

All we do know for sure is that eating that steak day after day, along with other plaque inducing foods is the path to that heart attack.

The constraints to adoption of this diet are:

1 An unhealthful diet is more attractive
2 Most are unaware of this dietary treatment
3 Authorities such as AHA and USDA contradict its efficacy
4 The medical profession remains ignorant or silent
5 The diet is difficult for sundry reasons.

For me, the truest beacon standing against all of the above isn't Esselstyn, or Ornish, or MacDougall/Pinkney although God Bless them all, in my opinion its THE CHINA STUDY. The China study simply shows the strongest data to support the notion that people eating a low fat vegan diet don't get heart disease, and those eating a Western diet do...and hmmm...what could that mean?

No AHA, USDA, or medical authority can or to my knowledge ever has tried refuted it. They just ignore it because they can do so with impunity.

Unfortunately, this reduces us practically to the status of a cult. All we need is a decoder ring and a secret handshake, and perhaps a sign that says, "no girls in the clubhouse".

Now its confession time. I ask myself if I was 25 again, would I be eating a vegan diet, or go back to slamming burgers. The answer is that without the sword of Damocles over my head, I'm far from certain I would be wiser than my health demanded. Look at the young people NOT signing up for Obamacare...never mind your opinion of the legislation, the fact is that young people don't think they're immortal, they KNOW it.

Only the graybeards in our society could effect the positive changes we need, and this is not a society that respects or listens to older people.

Personally, I think the path to acceptance is to challenge the authority contradicting the evidence. The American Heart Association is recommending a diet that doesn't prevent heart disease, and in fact promotes it. How can this be a reasonable, or responsible position?

Mark Tyler

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