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From: Mark Tyler (
Subject:         Re: Back on low fat vegan
Date: February 13, 2014 at 1:42 pm PST

In Reply to: Back on low fat vegan posted by Bob Waite on January 1, 2014 at 10:47 am:

Hey Bob, you may think you're alone, but you're not.

I've been on and off the wagon about 5 times. As I
write this on the 13th of Feb, I've been back on it
since you wrote your post here Jan 6 weeks.

I'm working harder than ever to be completely
compliant, reading labels more carefully, eating
more greens, and staying away from sugar.

You are ABSOLUTELY right about sugar. I have a
serious sweet tooth, and in the past I've continued
to eat sugary candy as long as it had no fat.

What I've found is that if I don't have that sugar,
and otherwise keep sugar down a wonderful thing
happens: I don't get the munchies in the evening.

For years I thought I had some sort of emotional
eating issue that drove me to the fridge in the
evenings. I'm convinced the culprit is sugar.

I restarted this diet by going back to the drawing
board and seeing what I could do to improve my
compliance. All the books tell you to stay away
from too much sugar, but I don't think any of them
emphasize the danger of it in scuttling your efforts
to go plant based.

My biggest problem is what to eat. I really don't
like most of the recipes in the Esselstynn book.
God Bless Essy, but I don't share his love of Swiss
Chard or Bragg's Aminos.

Dr Pinkney's recipes are actually better for me, but
when I'm stumped i simply go into the freezer, pull
out a bag of frozen corn, green beans or something
else green, put them in the bowl and blast them with
radiation (microwave) then I can eat and eat never
be hungry and I know I've only done my body good.

I have a GREAT recipe for baked french fries which
I'm going to share soon too.

I've got over 50 more pounds to loose, but the
weight is dropping off. As I tell my Wife who tries
to diet with Atkins: "do you really think you can
lose more weight eating bacon than i can eating

Yes, I have the same issue you do. Everyone around
me thinks I'm a kook. I would get less
condescension if I discussed seeing a UFO or

Still I soldier on. I've had a few bouts of angina,
and when I get back on the diet I feel great, and
the angina goes away. I also sleep soundly. When I
have eaten high fat I've gone to bed wondering if
this is the night my diet will catch up with me.

You see, my Grandfathers died of heart attacks at
47, and 53, and my Mother had one at 55. She had a
bypass and lived another 20 years, but she tried to
teach me to eat healthier years before anyone except
maybe Ornish thought you could do much about it. I
didn't listen then.

Now I KNOW that as long as I'm faithfully on this
diet I won't have a heart attack. Its a good

I have chosen to eat to live, rather than to live to
eat. However, its a decision I make more than 1000
times a year.


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