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From: Wndy (
Subject: You "heard" wrong :->
Date: April 12, 2005 at 4:29 pm PST

In Reply to: I need suggestions, I hear its impossible to bulk up being VEGAN posted by Andrew on April 9, 2005 at 11:45 pm:

You can definitely bulk up eating a Vegan diet as effectively as with a non-Vegan diet though you will need to be attentive to the details.

As you doubtlessly know, bulking up is simply a matter of insuring that you consume more calories than you expend by some predetermined amount. The source of these excess calories, whether plant or animal, is not theoretically an issue despite the "received wisdom" one encounters among the carnivores at the gym :>

You'll want to favor foods of high caloric density, low saturated fat and combine all this going as hard and heavy with the weights as you can. The results should produce an increase in lean muscle mass rather than fat.

Naturally you'll want to structure your eating program so that you're eating 5 - 6 calorically dense meals daily.

As a vegan, my strategy has been to think in terms of a "base" food and then accompanyments which are usually veggies.

For example, in the grain departments you'll want to focus on high protein grains such as Quinoa and Amaranth which have complete proteins. Use either as the basis of individual meals.

For example prepare Quinoa and serve with veggies such as "bitter greens" like Kale, along with steamed squash, carrots,onions, and tons of garlic and hemp seed. Top with tamari. Follow a similar pattern with Amaranth.

When using Brown rice combine with beans (such as pintos or garbanzo)and serve with steamed veggies. Or try equal measure of lentils and rice served with caramelized onions and lethal amounts of garlic, virgin olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce for a calorically dense, high protein, lo-fat meal.

Tempeh also makes a great basis for a meal - a calorically dense high protein food. Combine with veggies and a nice soy sauce.
Ditto Seitan. Make your own - not difficult and more cost effective and you can enrich it with protein powder.

I don't know where you live but most stores in my area of Philly now carry soy based fake-meat products such as "Ground Round", "tofu pops", and cheeze items among others. Most of these are calorically dense and high protein, eaten in appropriate quantity. Use any as the basis for a meal combined with superior veggies.

Don't forget your nuts and sprouts. Walnuts and cashews are particularly beneficial with some EFA's and protein. When combined with a grain or carb (such as bulgar) you have a fantastic meal. I personally stay away from peanuts but you can make your own nut butter using betters nuts, such as almonds or cashews. Seriously yummy stuff

Beans make a great "basis". Chick peas will yield a great hummus which you can fortify with healthy additives. Very calorically dense, a great snack to use with veggies. Black bean can yield a high protein spread you can spread on veggie. Make super calorically dense soups filled with veggies and ersatz meat products.

I've not mentioned tofu which makes a great base despite the bad press it gets from carnivores (who then turn around and consume unearthly drugs, milk filled with bovine growth hormone and pus, etc)

I use only the super firm stuff which i'll, freeze, thaw and then press out all the water. Marinate it in whatever is your favorite (i'm partial to jerk marinade myself) and then bake for 20 minutes. The slabs stores well in the refrigerator and can be instantly used as the basis for a meal. Or combined with nuts and grains for another possibility.

You'll obviously be doing a whole lot of protein shake since you'll need meal replacers when doing 6 meals daily.

I use soy milk as my base. However i prefer not to use soy protein powders since i get so much soy in other forms. Instead i use rice, pea or hemp powder all available online. I always add 8 ozs of soy yogurt, a frozen banana and another fruit, and enuff protein powder to make my quota. Great meal replacer.

I'd recommend you consider getting a soymilk maker which will swiftly repay your investment since, as a vegan BB, you'll be doing a lot of soy milk. I use to add carb powder and protein powder to my soy milk when i flavored it. Thus all i had to do was add whatever else i wanted for instant protein shake.

I hope i've demonstrated that bulking up is not a problem. Dieting and getting cut up, however, requires more thought and attention.

Finally, a word about the folks who found vegan BB's scrawny". One has to compare apples to oranges. All of the pro BBs only get their size through good genes and ingestion of massive amounts of anabolic steroids. Fact of life in that profession. One therefore should compare vegan BB with so-called Natural BBs and there you find similar sized individuals, both male and female. Most of the vegans into BB are not inclined toward steroids and similar drugs (which aren't vegan)and so are not going to achieve the size of a Mr Olympia. Neither are the so-called Natural carnivore BB's. Its not about eating dead animals.

HTH. Good to find another Vegan BB on this forum. I'm always trying to push that combo. You should check out Chef Deb for recipes. She has some excellent ones, easy to fix.


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