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From: I'm-a-veggie (
Subject:         veggie
Date: December 10, 2007 at 7:55 am PST

In Reply to: Re: being a vegatarian! ANIMALS AND FOOD posted by miley cyrus on October 27, 2004 at 6:45 pm:

Hey, how are you ? are you really Miley Cyrus from the tv show Hannah Montana ? i SEE IT IN fRANC?E i LVOE IT
I'm a fan of you
i'm frnehc and I'm studying engliosh so sorry for the mistakes
I totally agree with you
animals are not made for fodd, meat ect
they are just like humans, exactly like humans, so I someone eat an animal it's like he's eating a human !! so disgusting ! So i couln't eat animals cuz they have eyes, a heart, legs ect just like humans, they look so much like humans, so it's weird to eat animals
they have a brain, a soul, a mouth, i can't eat soemthing that can walk, run, make a sound with his throat
so I eat things that have a life but that can't walk, run ect, : vegetbles, fruits, veggies
vegetalbles have a life but they can't feel the pain, animals can feel the pain, and I don't wanna make suffer anyone so I can't eat animals
if they xwere like veggies, i would eat them but they're not like veggies
Peope; who eat animals have no ehart, they're cruel
i wanna respect the animals that's why I do'nt eat them
eating someone means not respecting him
it's like killing someone, you can't say " I respect hi' cuz you've kileld him
if you raped a girl, you can't say that you resepct her ect
so that's exactly the same with animals : if I eat them, it means i do'nt respect them
and they wanna live, why would I steal the life of beings that wanted to live ? i would be mean i I'd dio that so i do'nt do that, so I'm a vegan
I'm not sure if the word is vegan, in french it's " Je suis végétalienne" ( I'm a girl) and " Je suis végétalien" for boyz
végétalien, végétalienne is when you don't eat : animals, eaggs, milk and honey
and végétarien ( boyz) végétarienne ( girls) is when you don't eat animals

so je suis végétalienne, but I do'nt know if the english word for végétalienne is vegan
so Je suis végétalienne becuz I think I do'nt have the right, I don't have any right to take the lives of others and I do'nt wanan take their lives so every people that is not vegetarian is cruel cuz they take lives of millions of animals for putting them in their stomach, its so dsigusting
and animals aren't made for food, cuz they have a heart, arms, feet ect just like humans so humans can't eat something that look like them and that has a body like them humans can only eat things that haven't got a body, : veggies, water, soya milk ect
so it's crazy to eat animals I can't believe poeple eat animals
some animals like lions, tigers ect are made unfortunately for eating animals but humans aren't made for eating animals, they are made for eating vegetables a lot of scientis and docteurs say this and they're right
so pioeppe stop eating animals ! and go veg !!
Miley, it's so sad that yu eat too little food cuze you'll have heatlh problems, diseases ect if you cotninue like this and there are lots of vegetables that I fing delicous, make chocolate cakes, make chinese food, I luv chinese food : for example chinese noodle with broccoli, it's taste so good ! i luv it
make vegetarian pizzas, make fruits juices like juices of kiwi with soya milk
make biscuits, you can eat quinoa, I love quinoa ect there's a lot of vegetarian or vegan food that is so good, and it tastes a lot better than all- eating foodI gotta go
see ya
I saw youa few days ago in the tonight show with Jay leno and you said you don't know frenhc but you said ' bonjour'
to the frnehc people when you were in france
if you want, I can teach you french
I luv you, you're a great acress and you're one of the few actresses that don't eat animals, that's great !! you're so young and you're already a star, lucky you !! I luv Pamela Anderson, you, Kirsten Bell, Toby McGuire, Moby, Paul McCartney, Alicia Silverstone ect, Carrie Underwood I luv only actors and actresses and singers that tdo'nt eat animals
see you Miley, i'm a fan of you
oh, I forgot : do you wear fur ? In the show, hannah montnana i do'nt remeber if you eat clothes that look like fur but please don't wear fur and don't eat false fur cuz in false fur, there are real fur ofdogs and cats !! see ya, i love you so much, I'm a 13 year old frnehc fan of you, i watch your show on disney channel in france, I'm 13 since today december 10 2007 and my anme is aurélie ( my birthday is today !! )

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