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From: Anthony (
Subject: Re: New vegan and feeling alone
Date: February 16, 2005 at 3:02 am PST

In Reply to: New vegan and feeling alone posted by Lisa on February 4, 2005 at 9:10 pm:

>Hi. What an appropriate discussion board name: Veggie awakenings.
> An awakening is exactly what it felt like.

Hi, and congrats on making the choice to eschew animal products.

> I have just in the last few months started to slowly become aware
>of the unthinkable cruelty that goes on in the animal products

Certainly the industry and the government (which, via the USDA, are
really pretty much the same thing) work hard to insulate people from
the realities of meat/dairy production. Heck, how many ovo-lacto people
do you know who still believe that milk products are good for bones?

> I definitely feel like I was sleeping before, how could
> I not have known or paid attention to what is happening?

I know exactly what you mean. Many people feel that way. Curiously,
I felt more that way when I went vegan (two years ago) than when I
went ovo-lacto (ten ago).

>As I began to open my eyes, I realized that I wanted to become a
>vegan, but I thought I would transition slowly and research and
> prepare for such a big lifestyle change.

Some people change suddenly, others approach it gradually. It's a big

> I am feeling very lost. No one in my life is vegan or even vegetarian.

Sounds like it's time to bring some new people into your life. In what
region do you live? Chances are that there are groups nearby, and of
course there are lots of online communities. Chances are that you know some people already who are veg*n but don't broadcast it.

> The first thing my boyfriend said when I told him my decision was
> "You better not try to convince me to do this too." How supportive

Different people have different priorities. I know that I personally
could never again be involved romantically with a meat eater. I do
have some friends of that persuasion, but am forming new friendships
mostly with other veg*n folks.

>I am afraid to tell my family and friends. They are all very
>understanding and supportive people but it seems like all the
>people who have not yet awoken just don't understand veganism.

Perhaps it's a cliche, but if they care about you, they'll accept it.
My own family has never understood it, but my dad and sister do accept
it and have never tried to talk some sense out of me. It's true that
the popular media tend to ridicule vegetarians, but even that's starting to change. Do you watch Veronica Mars? The "Mac" character who's shown up twice is pretty all-around cool, and *vegan*. yaaaay! Her mother,
of course, doesn't understand her, but that's part of the switched-at-birth thing.

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