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From: Shirley Hunsberger (
Subject: A "prayer" answered
Date: July 25, 2004 at 9:07 am PST

I guess it was about five years ago,(it is hard to recall since sometimes I feel as if I have always been a vegan but just didn't know it)when my 13 year old daughter who had pediatric Rheumatoid Arthritis was about to begin Hydrocortizone shots to her knees (the high dosages of asprin were damaging her body and were not working anymore.I have never been one to trust a doctor since my mother was offered Thalidamide-(she didn't trust them either since her sister never made it through birth thanks to thier incompetence and so I do have my arms and legs).So when the Doc told me that this was all he knew to do I instinctively wondered if there might be something he didn't know.I didn't have a PC then and my family and I were Omniverous,we ate realatively healthy compared to most because I had once been a student nurse in the QA's.I had three weeks to find out what it was that was causing her RA before she would have to have the shots.I did the only thing I knew to do -I talked (prayed)to my guardian angel.I asked for an answer-anything that would help.I promised to keep my mind open and to watch and listen for the answer in whatever form it might come. I am not sure how many days it was later that my eldest daughter who was about to be valedictorian and was always reading something came to me and said," mom you may be interested in this book by John Robbins,A Diet for a New America.It says that there were these British ladies who changed thier diets and thier arthritis went away" I considered what it would entail and was a little concerned about how we would do it and still be healthy.I now know how silly that was,but I was not about to let down my end of the bargain (I was not about to break my promise to my special friend)so I ruled that if Hannah was not going to be able to eat icecream then we neither would anyone else at least untill we see if it worked.Everyone was ok with it and so our journey began.The arthritis went away completely after about a week it seemed -if only I had discovered this before she had to take all those pills. Interstingly the doctor was not atall interested in what had happened and said that there was obviously no need to take her back for tests.This alone adds to my anger and frustration with the medical community,they have not changed much over the years.I guess they are mostly just brainwashed -as I was. I have since learned so much more about how important or food chioces are and I still have alot more to learn . It was a great awakening in my life. I have since recalled an insident when I was about five or six. I was very upset as I lay there trying to go to sleep because I had found out that people ate animals and hurt them and that there were other children in the world that had no food.My father came and tucked me in and tried to console me.I remember him telling me that it was the only way he and mum knew of feeding me and that perhaps one day when I grew up that I could find another way but untill then :as Pink FLyod would later say--"you have to eat your meat.How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat" I could go on forever about this topic and have done to the dismay of friends and all that meet or know me but here I would be preaching to the choir,right?Anyway I feel privaledge somehow to be able to be myself.On the other hand I am outraged and sadly even more dissapointed in mankind .Selfishness and greed that was shown by the Romans and Greeks is still alive today.I am consoled by the thought that it cannot last this way forever(1,000,000.animals/hr killed for food)People sufferring too.I don't care how it happens but I hope to see a better world.Perhaps a "true savior" will be able to reach the ignorant the masses and awaken them also,or perhaps we wil simply self destruct and then the few that survive will have the chance to do it right,to start all over.I can only "pray".

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