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From: snuffie (
Subject: Re: newbie needs help
Date: January 3, 2003 at 5:33 pm PST

In Reply to: newbie needs help posted by Meryl on December 24, 2002 at 11:21 am:

i hope you're still checking back...i think it's better to ask questions on busier boards, like the veganism one, cause there's always a lot of folks there. it's really awesome that you want to stop killing things for food. the gas thing will go away, don't worry :) when you adjust your diet, it always takes awhile for your digestive system to adapt. i think the increased fibre makes some people bloat. just make sure that you're drinking your 8 glasses/2L of water a day. when you up your fibre, you've definitely got to make sure that you drink a lot of water. but don't worry, it'll pay off; i'll bet your skin will look like a million bucks in no time if it doesn't already :) you might want to try going for short walks, like, 15-20 mins, a bit after meals, or anytime you feel bloated. i find i can always walk it off.
also, to make sure you keep a committment to this, it'd be awesome to do some research, if you haven't already. the faq page on this site has a ton of awesome info that will really ease your mind. the 'man is an herbivore' article on that page is an awesome one, in terms of establishing the health of an herbivorous diet. and hanging out at the site is always great for support. on the veganism board, there are links to a bunch of great articles on how to deal with unsupportive family members, and other difficulties you might face. but in my experience, there will always be someone telling you that your diet is 'unhealthy,' [while they chomp on a big mac] :) if you can just arm yourself with solid information, you can at least have good comeback material. as for books, i've only read three veggie books so far, but they were all fabulous. mad cowboy, by howard lyman, which is an easy and entertaining read, a bit biography-like, but filled with easy to absorb information. the vegan sourcebook, by joanne stepanik, who does the veganism page here, was broken down into easily digestible little paragraphs on each concept, and was really full of great info and recipies. and the one i've got my nose in right now, fast food nation, by eric schlossinger [i'm sure i spelled that wrong] is just a super, well-written read about corporate america and food production in general. will blow your mind, but doesn't provide as much specific veggie-logistics as the previous two. i hope you can track them down, they're a great read. and nothing will solidify resolve like having the facts.
i promise the vegetarian thing is absolutely uncomplicated. i'm doing 'the vegan thing,' and even that is way less difficult than i had imagined. if you're just going for lacto ovo, you can eat almost anything. as far as protein goes, every veggie has protein in it. what everyone rants about is the holy grail of 'complete protein.' a protein is a string of amino acids. muscles are made of protein, so by eating the muscles of an animal, or knawing on your own leg, you'll get a complete protein. some people might tell you to 'combine proteins,' but you don't really have to think about it. you'll get the complete amino acid sequence if you just eat a grain with a legume. so if you have peanut butter on toast, you've got your protein. also, dairy products and eggs have protein, and it sounds like you're still eating those. so you've definitely got no worries in that department.
it would be good if you could learn to love to cook, but you don't have to be a chef to pull off being vegetarian. you can always just steam some veggies, and eat them with some cottage cheese. you can make sandwiches, pastas, omlettes, and casseroles easily. don't be afraid to experiment. the recipie board here is awesome. you can ask for anything, and chef deb will have a veggie version. she's totally amazing. anyway...keep it touch! you've got all the support you need around here, for sure. don't be afraid to ask anything that's on your mind, and definitely take advantage of the wealth of info that's floating around.
good luck and good health!

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