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From: Tory (
Subject: Re: how do i become a vegetarian
Date: April 9, 2002 at 8:58 am PST

In Reply to: how do i become a vegetarian posted by Star on April 8, 2002 at 2:09 pm:

Hi Star,

Well, I've only just begun this journey, too (about 2 weeks ago).
For me, it was pretty much an overnight deal (I'm fairly "all or
nothing"), but a lot of people do it as a process. It really depends
on the person.

I would suggest going to the 10,000 recipes and start looking at stuff
there you think you'd might like to try. There's also a "Beginning
Veggies" board that has been verrrry helpful to me. You can ask
anything and get lots of help!

I don't know if I read this right, but I think you are saying you're
about 150 lb over what you think your 'natural weight' might be? If
it isn't due to thyroid or other organic problems, it may be that you
are a compulsive eater. If that's the case, it's my experience (as a
compulsive eater) that the problem isn't FOOD, the problem is knowing
how to comfort one's self with something other than food. Until I
began to learn emotional self care skills that involved other
things besides food, I had to use food. In other words, I don't have
an eating/food problem, I have a calming problem. Food was just a
tool I used because I didn't have anything else.

If this rings any bells for you, you may want to check out and read a bit more. There's a discussion
list link for it. There are also a couple of books "Overcoming Overeating" and "When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies".

I began compulsively eating at about age 6. I had a lot of anxiety and
no way to comfort myself (parents were unavailable), so I used the only
tool I had: food. I learned from experience that any time I felt anxiety, anger, boredom, frustration, grief, I could turn to food and it would be there like nothing and nobody else was. It could help me endure the emotions a little better that I was so afraid would engulf and overwhelm me.

Then as I got a little older, my culture told me that
having a body with curves and shapes wasn't acceptable, so I started
trying to starve myself into having a body that more resembled a man's than a woman's. Since deprivation never works, I'd end up "bingeing"
as the healthy part of me refused to be starved. Like many, many women
I did this for years and years, gaining all the time. Finally I learned
that (DUH!) diets don't work!

Then I found the Overcoming Overeating website/book through a
therapist who specialized in eating disorders.

I've been working at this process for nearly 2 years and guess what?
I rarely need to overeat anymore. When I do, well, it's ok, I'm taking
care of myself the best way I know how. I didn't have to let go of
the food until I had other tools firmly in hand. I actually forget
about food when I'm not hungry, whereas I used to begin obsessing about the next meal the minute I got done with eating.

It's been miraculous.
As a person whose life had been so preoccupied with this whole issue for
so long, it's like freedom from a solitary confinement jail.

Welp, that's my thoughts & experience. :)
Hope it helps!



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