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From: Russ Bianchi (
Subject: Re: Honey
Date: April 6, 2001 at 1:26 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Honey posted by Carol on December 28, 1999 at 23:42:14:

The honey substitute mentioned 'agave' is an illegal, as declared by the FDA. Agave is a fraudulently labeled product that is refined 90 DE High Fructose Hydrolyzed Inulin Syrup not even derived from the blue agave cactus as claimed. IT is NOT GRAS or self affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and is under criminal investigation by the enforcement arm of the FDA. Agave Inulin was once before procesuted for being the primary contaiminent in economic adulterations cases in baby food and fruit juice. There is a world wide shortage on blue agave cactus even for tequila manufacturer for the next 7 years. The sellers of this scam sweetener are known adulterators to mainstream food and beverage producers in other sweetener categories. The lastest out of these shady operators is a new sweetener moving away from cactus agave (that they have been exposed on) to 'chicory syrup' also illegally labeled in declaration and not GRAS. Representations that agave is not allergeic are false, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, and there is a toxic effect in pregnant women by ingesting this product as reported by the Fischer Medical publications.

In regard to honey, over 50% of the total North American crop is NOT bees producing honey from nectar and pollen, but is force fed cheap crystallized high fructose corn syrup to the bees, who enzymatically flavor it and then barf-it up again to be labeled as 'honey'. This is why most honey crystallizes, the high level of refined corn high fructose in it, which is medically proven to metabolize in the body automatically as adipose tissue (body fat) and triglycerides, leading to obsity and heart disease, if the allergenics doesn't get you first.
The honey board has tried to bury this fact for some time, but it's easily provable by looking at real honey's HPLC numbers for fructose content versus the USDA allowable limit of almost 40% by weight. The force feeding of HFCS is why there were major mite infestations in the honey hives a couple of years back, the HFCS weakened the immune systems of the bees working overtime during the Fall & Winter to reguritate HFCS to be labeled as honey.

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