Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Posted February 14, 2012

Published in Food, Health, Lifestyle

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Vegetarian to Vegan: Why Give Up Dairy and Eggs?

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My new book coming out will be called Vegetarian to Vegan.  I wrote this book for all the vegetarians who have asked me questions about why or how to give up dairy and eggs.  Among the most common questions are:

  • How do you survive without cheese/ice cream/butter/eggs/etc?
  • What’s wrong with eating non-fat dairy products – they’re healthy, aren’t they?
  • What’s ethically wrong with eating dairy and eggs?  No animals were killed in the making of them!
  • What’s wrong with eating cage-free, free-range or organic eggs?

If you’ve had these or similar questions, your answers can be found here, by watching my recent lecture, Vegetarian to Vegan, given at the Vegetarian Society of Hawai’i.

A big thank you to the amazing Bill Harris, MD, who kindly edited my video and added in all the video and many of the extra shots.




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Apologies for coming to this comment section rather late. Excellent talk Sarah, utlizing insightful historical metaphors and examples as well as health data. After starting out as Vegetarian I switched in 1986 to Vegan and haven't looked back since. My issue with society as a whole (not your talk in any way) are indeividuals not calling a spade and spade and pussy footing (so to speak) around ALL issues including this one. When a female cow is too old to give milk she goes to slaughter, usually being skinned alive with the rest of the poor animals, and as mentioned and repeated over and over, egg laying is horrific, from debeaking and killing live male chicks to desease and inhumane treatment. BUT, what I feel we are also having to deal with are semantics which I'm sure you are also experiencing. Such as the entire flexitarian subject. When individuals tell me that are pescatarians, flexatarians etc, I inform them that what they are, are Omnivores and to exit the denial factor of diet and lifestyle by pretending to be something else by a mere name change. Ah indeed, what's in a name? I think everything when it comes to truth and honesty and I gently attempt to persuade individuals to this end by informing them that they need have no guilt in being Omnivore and that by exsperimenting with non animal foods is a high calling to it's own end. When I think of the foods, recipe books, restaurants and information that I have available to me now compared to 1986, it heartens my soul infinitely. Keep up the great work Sarah, and all good things to you and let's keep at it for the animals.


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