Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Posted September 30, 2011

Published in Food, Health

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Vegan Spanikopita

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Vegan Spanikopita

From the Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Cookbook

As I bit into the vegan spanikopita at the Blossoming Lotus, I fell head over heels in love.  “If this is vegan, I could easily convert everyone I know!” I thought to myself.  Fortunately, although the Blossoming Lotus is no longer in Hawaii (only in Portland), they did create a beautiful cookbook, and I splurged and bought a copy several years ago.

Vegan Spanikopita

I was eager to make the spanikopita for my dear husband, but I put it off for ages simply because it looked really time consuming … and I am decidedly lazy in the kitchen.

But much to my and my husband’s delight, I not only set about making the spanikopita last week … I found it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be!  And it’s delicious, just like the restaurant, with all wholesome ingredients, so you feel great about eating it.  For an alternative, you can skip the phyllo dough and put the filling into lettuce wraps or straight into pretty serving dishes. 

Here is a photo.  I don’t want to violate copyright laws by printing a recipe that is in a copyrighted book, but you can find the recipe in the Blossoming Lotus’ cookbook, Vegan World Fusion Cuisine.  I highly recommend the entire cookbook – the food is truly gourmet vegan and much of it is raw.  On a final note, a friend of the owner of Blossoming Lotus told me that he created that epic restaurant during a two-year vow of silence!  Amazing!