Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Posted July 8, 2011

Published in Health

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Tina Goes "Vegan in 30 Days!"

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Raspberry lemonade does NOT count as two servings of fruit and caramel corn does NOT count as a serving of vegetables!!  If you love a good laugh, read Tina's Blog as she goes “Vegan in 30 Days.” 

Modeled after my book, Vegan in 30 Days, Tina takes the vegan challenge and decides to follow the 30 day plan to slowly give up all meat, dairy and eggs, and go 100% vegan.  However, with her incredible humor, she’ll have you rolling!  Here are some excerpts:

Day 3 – The Fruit & Veg Cleanse

“So, I'm not what you would call a "go-getter" first thing in the morning.  I wake up gradually.  Consciousness sneaks up on me with little cat feet; it doesn't drop on me like Queen Latifah ...  Keeping all this in mind, my morning started with me actually getting out of bed (as all mornings do), taking a shower, going on Facebook to harvest my Cityville crops, and then grabbing 3 leftover Bottle Caps from last night's Blockbuster snack pack.  I ate them before I even realized what day it was.  So, within 15 minutes of getting out of bed, I'd already violated the Fruit and Veg Cleanse with Willy Wonka candy.  Oops.”

Day 5 – Find Substitutes

“I do frequent the health food store in Chelan, probably 5 times a year or so, even though it's 60 miles one way and gas is like $85 a gallon.  I do this because it makes me feel trendy and green, and because I figure there's going to be some single men there.”

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