Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Posted June 6, 2011

Published in Health

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Be Prepared!

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I think the biggest challenge to being successful at adopting the vegan diet is simply learning how to be prepared.  Most people who try the vegan diet are indeed motivated – lack of motivation is not why they fail; they fail because they find themselves in situation and after situation when they are not prepared, and end up making non-vegan choices as a result.  In fact, this is what much of my book, Vegan in 30 Days, is designed to do – teach you to be prepared. 

Assume you're really hungry after work on a Friday and go to a cocktail party where there is nothing vegan – you're likely to compromise and saddle up next to the cheese platter.  If you love to snack at the theatre but don’t think to bring anything with you, you’re likely to cave in and get the buttered popcorn.  If you don’t look at the agenda before attending a work meeting, you may not realize that your boss has planned a working lunch, and thus not thought to bring your own lunch or have the secretary order vegan for you. People have to learn how to be prepared for all of these situations that come up.  

The best way to be prepared is to live consciously and intentionally!  Know where you are going to be for all of your meals during the day, and think them through.  Will you be eating out?  Perhaps you need to pick your restaurant carefully, or if it’s a client dinner, perhaps you need to call ahead.  Are you going on vacation next week?  Where will you eat?  Google vegan restaurants in the cities and towns you are going to.  Download the Veggie Passport application (or buy a hardcopy) that will translate in 70+ languages that you are a vegan, and what you can and cannot eat.  Are you attending a dinner party at a friend’s house?  Call several days ahead and offer to bring a dish or two that you (and others) can enjoy. 

And while you’re at it, read Day 30 in Vegan in 30 Days – then you’ll also be prepared to answer your friends and colleagues when they ask … “Wow!  What made you go vegan?”