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Sarah Taylor is the author of "Vegan in 30 Days" and "Vegetarian to Vegan" (to be released 2013.) She lectures around North America, and has been interviewed by numerous TV and Radio stations, including PBS and NPR. Sarah has a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and has worked as a motivational speaker for Joel Fuhrman, MD, author the NY Times Bestseller, "Eat to Live." She has been a devoted vegan since 2001.

Blog Entries by Sarah Taylor

New Year's Vegan Resolution

Sarah Taylor | February 6, 14 at 10:53 PM | Health

Read More: new year's resolutions, vegan, vegan new year's resolution

I know many people made a New Year’s Resolution to go vegan.  And I also know that, around this time of year, many resolutions are broken.  So, I wanted to write to those of you who may be struggling, and...

Grass-Fed, Humanely Slaughtered Meat

Sarah Taylor | December 1, 13 at 11:38 AM | Animals, Food, Lifestyle

Read More: grass-fed beef, humane slaughtering, Vegan

It seems to me that Americans are waking up at a faster and faster rate.  The idea that the vegan diet is just for Berkeley hippies is a very old idea indeed; as you’ve probably heard, even Al Gore has...

Vegan Thanks

Sarah Taylor | November 19, 13 at 10:07 AM

This time of year, we all focus on the things we are grateful for.  I am so eternally grateful that I found the vegan diet.  I am grateful that my diet allows me to inspire other people, and that with...

When Others Just Don't Get It

Sarah Taylor | November 14, 13 at 02:40 PM | Animals, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: influencing others, vegan, vegan education

I gave a speech at a conference once that was mainly composed of vegetarians and vegans.  A woman approached me afterward; she was very obese, with stringy hair and bad skin, with a serious scowl on her face.  She said,...

The Traveling Vegan: France

Sarah Taylor | October 27, 13 at 09:47 PM | Food, International

Read More: France, Paris, Vegan, vegan travel

France … the land of 35 hour workweeks, 2 hour lunches and Michelin 5 Star restaurants.  With the focus so heavily on food, you would expect the French would have come a long way in the realm of vegan dining,...

Veganism: Just a Diet, or is it a Philosophy?

Sarah Taylor | October 16, 13 at 11:30 PM | Animals, Lifestyle

Read More: philosophy, vegan philosophy, veganism

I have a new column in VegNews magazine, and will be discussing controversial issues that face vegans.  There are actually quite a few (including a recent blog topic I posted – on whether to speak up or not when others...

The Vegan's Dilemma

Sarah Taylor | September 8, 13 at 10:56 PM | Animals

Read More: vegan, vegan ethics

I’m in an ethical dilemma I bet many of you are in too:  Should I speak up or stay quiet when others order meat at restaurants?  The obvious answer most vegans give – and what I have always done –...

What's Wrong with Eating Dairy Products if Cows are not Slaughtered to Make Them?

Sarah Taylor | August 13, 13 at 08:02 PM | Animals

Read More: dairy products, vegan

Many well-meaning vegetarians don’t eat meat because they know that animals are brutally slaughtered for their meat.  However, what many still wonder is what’s ethically wrong with eating dairy products when the cows aren’t slaughtered to provide us with milk?...

Eggs and Your Health

Sarah Taylor | July 29, 13 at 07:28 PM | Health

Read More: eggs, vegan, vegan health

Since I touched on Cage Layer Osteoporosis in my last blog entry – that painful condition that laying hens in factory farms suffer greatly from, due to the excessive number of eggs they are forced to lay – I thought...

Cage Layer Osteoporosis - Another Reason to Give Up Eggs ... For Good

Sarah Taylor | July 16, 13 at 03:08 PM

Read More: egg laying hens, eggs, factory farms, vegan

I have started posting a few excerpts from my upcoming book here on the Vegan Next Door’s blog, so you can get a taste of what will be in Vegetarian to Vegan.  As I mentioned in the last post, I...

Dairy Cows and Their Calves: When Mother is Separated From Baby

Sarah Taylor | June 5, 13 at 10:06 PM | Animals

Read More: dairy, dairy cows, vegan

My new book, Vegetarian to Vegan, is going through the publishing process now.  I thought I might give you all a taste of some of the information in the book by blogging excerpts from it over the next several weeks. ...

A New Culprit for Heart Disease

Sarah Taylor | April 30, 13 at 01:51 PM | Health

Read More: heart disease, TMAO, vegan, vegan diet, vegan research

A recent article in the NY Times shocked many of us who follow health research: Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic now believe that saturated fat and cholesterol only play a minor role in heart disease.  They believe that a little-known...

The Four Agreements, Vegan Style!

Sarah Taylor | April 15, 13 at 09:20 PM | Health

Read More: The Four Agreements, Vegan

Many of you have read Don Miguel Ruiz’s famous book, The Four Agreements.  In his book, he outlines in detail, four “agreements” that we should make with ourselves to have a truly happy life and avoid all the drama that...

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

Sarah Taylor | March 25, 13 at 04:05 PM | Health

Read More: PCRM, vegan, vegan research

There are many great organizations that are helping to advance veganism.  I love them all, and I especially love the people behind these organizations.  Even if I don’t always agree with their tactics, I have a very deep respect for...

Paris Goes Vegan!

Sarah Taylor | March 13, 13 at 07:56 AM

The last time I was in Paris in 2004, I literally ate a salad or a baguette for every single meal.  A week later, I came home a size smaller.  It was likelier that Napoleon would rise from the dead...


Sarah Taylor | February 20, 13 at 09:27 PM | Health

Read More: vegan, vegan diet

It’s always fun when you come across something new that you’re passionate about – a new hobby, and new intellectual topic … the vegan diet!  For several months or years, you can be engrossed in this topic, reading books, googling...

Vegans with High Cholesterol

Sarah Taylor | February 1, 13 at 08:17 AM | Health

Read More: cholesterol, vegan

My cholesterol has always been high - around 233 – even after 12 years on a vegan diet.  How can a 12-year vegan have such high cholesterol?  Genetics, of course.  We love to use genetics as an excuse.  We blame...

Book Review: Diet for a New America, 25th Anniversary Edition

Sarah Taylor | January 14, 13 at 11:21 PM | Health

Read More: Diet for a New America, John Robbins, vegan

The next time you meet someone who has been vegan for a long time, ask what made them go vegan.  There is a high likelihood that their answer will start with, “I read this amazing book by John Robbins…” Before...

Book Review: Diet for a New America, 25th Anniversary Edition

Sarah Taylor | January 14, 13 at 11:21 PM | Health

Read More: Diet for a New America, John Robbins, vegan

The next time you meet someone who has been vegan for a long time, ask what made them go vegan.  There is a high likelihood that their answer will start with, “I read this amazing book by John Robbins…” Before...

It's Inevitable...

Sarah Taylor | January 1, 13 at 03:26 PM | Health

Read More: vegan, vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan

I saw a post on Facebook today.  It went like this:  “I'm in CVS. Guy in line ahead of me knows cashier, but they haven't seen each other in while. He invites her over. "I don't eat meat anymore," she...