Ruth Heidrich PhD

Ruth Heidrich PhD

Posted January 21, 2010

Published in Health

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Review of The Perfect Formula Diet

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The Perfect Formula Diet just another "diet" book?  Not by a long shot!

This book presents just the facts, but in a way that is so convincing that you have to wonder why anyone would put up with anything less than the best possible health. 

Janice Stanger, with a doctorate in Human Development & Aging from the prestigious University of California San Francisco, is well qualified to show everyone how to eat bowls and plates full of satisfying, yet slimming plant foods. This eating plan, based on six kinds of whole foods, can prevent or reverse the health problems that are threatening to bankrupt this country.

This book busts many common nutrition myths that may be blocking you from your perfect weight and health. For example, you don't need a specially identified source of protein in your diet any more than you need a special source of oxygen when you breathe. Animal protein is nothing but recycled plant protein. Calcium has little to do with the strength and durability of your bones. Supplements with unnaturally high levels of vital nutrients can damage your health.

Perfect_Formula_Cover_Lg.jpgDr. Stanger pulls together over 1,000 scientific studies with a jargon-free and readable style. All the scientific evidence is there for those inclined to want to see for themselves how the conclusions are reached.  For those who just want to see the results, look to the author herself and and the quick summary at the end of each chapter. Pioneering researchers T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Drs. John McDougall, Joel Fuhrman, and Neal Barnard have all strongly endorsed The Perfect Formula Diet.

And, as one who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer 28 years ago and not only survived that but went on to prove that this diet supports even marathons and the Ironman Triathlon, I can tell you that this program works!  We need to get this book in everybody's hands -- NOW!

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Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete
Author of *A Race For Life," "CHEF" & "Senior Fitness"
Win your race with daily exercise & a vegan diet.


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It's great to se you still out there living the dream. You won't remember me, but you were a very strong influence that turned me to veganism 12 years ago. Jeff and Sabrina tee'd it up, but your advice to me was the final tipping point and I have never looked back. Vegan all the way, baby!!


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