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Dr. Heidrich is a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, holder of more than 900 gold medals from every distance from 100 meter dashes to 5K road races to ultra marathons and triathlons. She has completed more than 60 marathons all over the world, including Boston, New York, Moscow, and has held 3 world fitness records in her age group at the famed Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. She also was named one of the "Top Ten Fittest Women in North America" in 1999. She is the author of Senior Fitness, A Race For Life, The CHEF Cook/Rawbook, several videos and co-host of a weekly talk show, Nutrition & You on KWAI, Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a graduate of UCLA and holds a Master's degree in Psychology, and a doctorate in Health Education. She has also taught in this field at the University of Hawaii. As of the year 2010, she has been vegan for 28 years and a daily runner for 42 years.

Blog Entries by Ruth Heidrich PhD

Born To Run Review

Ruth Heidrich PhD | May 8, 10 at 08:54 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: diet, Heidrich, runners, Vegan

Born To Run by Christopher McDougall                   Book Review by Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. It's not often that after finishing a book that I immediately want to turn back to Page 1 and start all over again.  Born to Run...

Review of The Perfect Formula Diet

Ruth Heidrich PhD | January 21, 10 at 04:59 PM | Health

Read More: health, healthiest diet, vegan diet

The Perfect Formula Diet just another "diet" book?  Not by a long shot! This book presents just the facts, but in a way that is so convincing that you have to wonder why anyone would put up with anything less...