VegSource Comment and Blog Policies

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  1. No swearing. (Okay, if you think you'll explode if you don't release some vulgarity, please put a * over the vowels in any curse words, or your post may be zapped.)

  2. Nothing pornographic, and no links to porno places. Any such posts or links will be deleted (after the founder checks them out thoroughly).

  3. If our Board Mother thinks you're hassling someone, she may step in and ask you to put a lid on it. And no one argues with the Board Mother -- not even US!

  4. If you think someone is being nasty or harassing you, feel free to e-mail the Board Mother about it. She'll help if she believes she should. But use this privilege sparingly, as the B.M. might decide to do nothing more than tell you to go meditate for 20 minutes or drink some warm tea. (Like most Moms, she's very busy.)

  5. If you've got to flame someone, use the Flame Room. Also, try to be very clever and entertaining, or the B.M. may cause your flame to go up in flames.

  6. Try to keep posts relatively on topic in any specific discussion. If a thread goes too far afield from the stated topic, the Board Mother may wave her wand and make it disappear.

  7. If you have a product or a service to sell, please don't do so on our site without prior permission. If you start using VegSource to get free advertising for your site or stuff, we may decide to start charging you. Someone's got to keep the Board Mother stocked with magic wands! If you do want to advertise your product or site, please contact us. Additionally, please do not attempt to collect emails, addresses, phone numbers or other personal information from our guests. It's the internet, for goodness sake! You don't want to tell imperfect strangers where you live!

  8. Please do not ask for donations, or conduct "surveys," or try to use our discussion boards to develop material for your own books or projects (this includes homework!) without our prior approval. There is no way for us to validate whether a given person, survey, charity or project is valid. They probably are, but it's just too easy for a scammer to come in and try to pick up an extra fifty bucks or try to collect personal information from our generous guests. If you wish to conduct some sort of survey for school or commercial purposes, you must get permission from Vegsource to do so.

  9. The Founder/Operators of this board do not flame our guests, even though we are among some of the most talented and persistent flamers on the Net. (We'll flame you at some other location, if you desire.)

  10. We're not uptight and looking to delete or ban. We want everyone to have fun here, ourselves included. We're against censorship, but we do have our limits. Do not post someone's real name, address, telephone number or other personal information without their permission. Those are big no-nos, and one of the quickest ways to get yourself booted.

  11. We won't ban anybody, unless they really really try.

  12. All posts or material posted on discussion boards become the property of Mostly Magic, Inc., parent company of, and may not be reproduced in any fashion without our express written permission.

  13. We reserve the right to mercilessly mock people who come to our site purely for the purpose of promoting bizarre fad diets or money laundering schemes.

  14. Have fun!