Patti Breitman

Patti Breitman

Posted January 12, 2010

Published in Food, Health, Lifestyle

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Dr. Michael Klaper Joins New and Improved True North Health

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Doctor Michael Klaper Joins Improved and Expanded TrueNorth Health

For those of us who strive for excellent health it is frustrating to watch the fight over who will pay for drugs and surgeries being called a "health care" debate.  As an antidote to those maddening headlines and misguided use of the word "health," I have happy news to share.

Dr. Michael Klaper has joined the staff of True North Health in Santa Rosa, CA, one of the most effective, scientific, comfortable and affordable eating/juicing/fasting centers in the country (, or, to watch a video brochure, go to . You may remember Dr. Klaper from his role in the documentaries Diet for A New America and Food for Thought, both of which aired on PBS television in the 1980s.  He is the first vegan medical doctor many of us ever heard of, and he continues to treat patients with a successful, nutrition first approach toward the most common, life threatening conditions (heart disease, diabetes, auto immune disorders, obesity, and more).  Dr. Klaper is seeing patients privately as well as supervising and educating guests at True North Health (707-586-5555).

Joining True North Health is not like joining a practice anywhere else. This is a world class team of caring and competent medical doctors, interns, chiropractors, therapists, sports injury experts, cooking instructors, exercise coaches, a health promoting chef and supportive staff, all dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain genuine wellness.  Among this stellar line up are some of the best diagnosticians and smartest doctors in the country. Under one roof is the largest number of experts on fasting, eating, juicing and getting well that you can find anywhere. Guests come from all over the globe to learn how to achieve health and maintain a healthy way of living.

About 7 years ago I  did a four day supervised water fast, followed by two days of eating under the guidance of Dr. Alan Goldhamer, the founder of True North Health, at their former location in Rohnert Park, CA.  That facility was a little shop worn. It had a clinical feel to it, and people who stayed there felt more like hospital patients than honored guests.

The new facility is just the opposite. I spent a day at the Santa Rosa True North Health Center last month to see Dr. Klaper in action and to witness the improvements to True North Health.  What a change!

The new digs in Santa Rosa are gorgeous.  Professionally designed to feel like a luxury home, the common areas are tastefully furnished, comfortable, spacious, and welcoming.  Five days a week guests are invited to a video screening in the morning by an expert in health and nutrition and a lecture in the afternoon by a doctor.  Additionally, twice a week there is a cooking class and an exercise class, plus there is a gym across the street if you want more exercise than the fitness room can provide.

The entire facility has WiFi, and every guest room has a flat panel tv, dvd player, telephone, private bath and comfortable bed.   But none of this is the best part.

The best part is that True North Health has expanded from a water fasting only center to a fasting, feeding, juicing center, so more people can be exposed to the immersion in healthy living that a stay there provides. At any time just under half of the guests are fasting, about the same number are eating and about 10% are juicing.  About 2/3 of the guests are individuals and about 1/3 are couples. Additionally, because every room is part of a two bedroom suite, many friends come to share a suite while learning how to get healthy and stay healthy by developing health promoting habits. 

The other best part is the price.  A stay at True North Health is less expensive than The Doubletree Hotel down the road, yet it comes with medical supervision,  three meals a day or supervised fasting or juicing,  educational programs, classes, companionship with other health seekers if you want it,  and a noticeable improvement in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and other markers of improved health. In addition to a one time fee for a medical evaluation the day you arrive, the cost of a stay is only $129 per person per night, provided the suite has two occupants.

During my visit I enjoyed a bountiful lunch of salad, black eyed pea stew, steamed baby bok choy and asparagus, and baked rice and potatoes, all from an all you can eat buffet. Nobody eating at TrueNorth Health leaves the dining room hungry. And this brings me to yet more good news: If you live in Sonoma or northern Marin County, you can enjoy this health promoting food, already prepared and ready to heat and enjoy in your own home.  Go to to see how this delivery program allows people to order meals to be dropped off at your home on Sunday if you order by Wednesday.  Dr. Goldhamer hopes to expand the TrueNorthKitchen idea to communities all over the country and is currently looking for funding to expand to other cities.

When I fasted at True North Health in the 1990s, it served as a re-education for my tastebuds. I lost my cravings for chocolate and learned to enjoy the taste of unadulterated food for the first time in my life.  Having seen the new facilities, I am looking for an excuse to spend more time there. Maybe I'll use it as a place to write parts of my next book. Maybe I'll invite my college roommate to join me there for a lifestyle makeover.  Whatever my reasons for going, I know I'll leave with enhanced health, greater motivation for healthy living, and a sense of having been cared for by a superb team of health professionals.   As Dr. Klaper says of the people he helps at TrueNorth Health, "They are all heroic on their journey. It is an honor to help them."