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Patti Breitman is an advocate for animals and health, a writer and expert public speaker. She is a former food columnist for VegNews magazine and teaches cooking classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, where she lives. Patti is the director of The Marin Vegetarian Education Group (, a project of VegNews network.  She is the author (with Connie Hatch) of How to Say No without Feeling Guilty, and (with Carol J. Adams) of  How to Eat like a Vegetarian Even If You Never Want to Be One.

Blog Entries by Patti Breitman

Dr. Michael Klaper Joins New and Improved True North Health

Patti Breitman | January 12, 10 at 06:49 AM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: fasting, healthiest diet, medical doctors, spa, vegan diet, vegan doctors

Doctor Michael Klaper Joins Improved and Expanded TrueNorth Health For those of us who strive for excellent health it is frustrating to watch the fight over who will pay for drugs and surgeries being called a "health care" debate.  As...