Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

Posted November 14, 2012

Published in Health

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The Shocking Cure For Crohn's Disease, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, & Every Other Chronic Disease

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Let me start this post by giving you fair warning... if you don't like sarcasm stop reading now. You probably won't like this post and will get easily offended by it's simplistic nature and the rather harsh approach I take in delivering it's message. Just in case you were wondering... My goal here is not to be liked. My goal here is to tell people what they need to hear in order for them to get better.

Now I'm going to share a story with you. A story about how to cure Crohn's disease, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and basically any other type of chronic disease you and/or the rest of the world may be suffering from. You want to know the secret? Get ready. Wait for it... wait for it... wait for it...


That's right. If you're suffering from a chronic illness then there's a really, really good chance that you're eating yourself to death or at least eating yourself into a state of misery and sickness. Like I said, I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to tell the truth. You want to know what else? The reason you're staying sick finding yourself at a loss for answers is...

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