Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

Posted March 23, 2011

Published in Health

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Going Veg - From a Pharmacist's Perspective

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I was sitting in my podiatrist's office one day back in February 2009 waiting to see the doctor about my plantar fasciitis.  This was only my second or third trip to see Dr. Sal and little did I know that it would change the entire course of my life.  It just so happened that the health care debate in the U.S. was heating up right around this time and a copy of Time magazine was sitting in Dr. Sal's waiting room with an article on this very topic.


This was perfect to pass the time as I was always looking for information and different points of views on the subject.  As a pharmacist this topic really touches home to me because the health and wellness of others is my passion and its the reason I get up every morning and do what I do.  So I started reading away but before I could finish my name was called by the nurse.  It was my turn!  Isn't it funny how excited we get when our name is finally called in a doctor's office?  Anyway, I brought the article into the exam room and continued to finish it while waiting for the doctor to enter.


When Dr. Sal walked in he greeted me with an energetic smile and asked how I was doing.  He noticed I was reading and asked how the magazine was treating me.  I said "Great!  I was just reading up on all this health care stuff going on."  This in turn led into a very interesting and enlightening discussion as the two of us medical gurus went back and forth on the whole debate.  And then Dr. Sal hit me with it... "You know regardless of what legislation is put forth regarding health care it will never really get to the heart of the matter."  I was a little confused and not quite sure what he meant by that but very curious as to what was to come next.

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