Nina Nelson

Nina Nelson

Posted January 8, 2010

Published in Lifestyle

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Why I'm Vegan

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I have been vegan for my entire life (16 years) and I love it! Many people do not know what a vegan is, however. A vegan is someone who does not eat any meat or animal products. Animal products include dairy and eggs. Vegans also try to avoid animal products in every area of life, such as clothing.

I believe that the slaughtering of animals for meat that we do not need is inhumane and outrageous. I feel that animals should not have to suffer and have such terrible lives to feed humans who do not need to eat hamburgers or hotdogs. The animals that people eat not only had to give up his or her life to feed you, but he or she also had to live an unbearable and painful life beforehand. Does this really seem fair?

I believe that people should not eat anything that could be a mother or a father. If you were a baby piglet, would you want your mommy to be eaten by a person who does not need it to survive? The answer to me is no.

Why should animals have to live in such misery when they are already being sacrificed for you? This is one of the few reasons why I do not eat any animal products. There are plenty of other foods that a person can eat that will make them healthier and live a longer life, including grains, beans and nuts for protein, vegetables, and fruits. If everyone eats healthier, then humans and animals will live happier and healthier lives, making us all win.

Even though I was born and raised a vegan, I still was able to make the choice of staying a vegan when I was mature enough.

When I was twelve years old I had an unforgettable experience at an animal sanctuary by the name of "Animal Acres." I got to see all of the animals that they rescued from slaughterhouses. When I walked into the sanctuary, the turkeys followed me and greeted me with cute cat like purrs, and I didn't even know that turkeys could make those noises! These turkeys were so sweet and affectionate, just like my own pets. The turkeys allowed you to pet them, and they would walk by your side. After seeing how cute a turkey really was, it made it more difficult for me to understand how anyone could eat these loving creatures.

I walked into the barn to see the baby piglets, and I smelled hay and poop. Even though the poop smell was not particularly pleasant, I still loved feeding milk to the piglets. I noticed that the baby pigs did not have cute curly tails. The lady who helped me feed the pigs explained to me that their tails had been cut off when they were born. She told me that the reason people cut their tails off was so that when they would be stuffed into tiny cages with a bunch of other pigs, the other pigs will not try to bite off their tails! I thought this was horrible. If farmers do not want pigs biting each other's tail off, then they should not cram pigs into small cages! This explanation made me confused because I wondered why someone would still want to eat a pig knowing about this sickening information.

I have been educated about the benefits of being a vegan since I was very young, so I believe there is karma that goes with eating meat. By eating meat, your heart gets the karma in two ways. Your heart gets the greasy and unhealthy meat with antibiotics in it, and it also gets the grief that the animal had to live for you to eat it. The great Paul McCartney has said, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." I live by this statement and many other Paul fans do as well. This statement is entirely true, and I reckon that many people should think about what they are eating before they eat.

I plan to remain a vegan because it has kept me healthy for my whole life. I am happy that I have found an easy and peaceful way to avoid the many diseases that plague Americans, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. I also feel good about the fact I am not contributing to suffering in this world.


Nina Nelson is the 16-year-old daughter of owners Jeff & Sabrina Nelson.