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Back in 2008, we produced perhaps the first plant-based documentary, featuring prominent medical doctors like John McDougall MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, Joel Fuhrman MD - and many many more.

Today we are putting the full documentary online for your enjoyment and education.

The full title is "Processed People: The Antidote to American's Toxic Lifestyle."

If you never saw this, make sure you carve out 40 minutes to watch it this week.

And then share with everyone you know who is open to learning the truth about diet and health.

Watch video now (40 minutes):


PROCESSED PEOPLE - Extended Expert Interviews

Today we're also sharing the full 2.5 hours of extended interviews with experts who appeared in Processed People.

Back when we released Processed People on DVD, we had a huge number of people write to say that the extended interviews with such legends as Dr. Esselstyn, McDougall and others - were absolutely the most compelling thing they saw.

Many wrote to say the extended interviews - even more than the documentary - turned friends, family members or themsleves - vegan.

Watch now (2 hours, 30 minutes):


Dr. McDougall & The Starch Solution (FULL VIDEO)

We want to draw attention to Dr. McDougall's class talk about The Starch Solution.

Have you watched it recently?

If not, we encourage you to take an hour and learn again why potatoes are your best friend.

This talk was actually given by Dr. McDougall BEFORE he wrote his bestselling Starch Solution book. This is a really fantastic and useful talk.

Watch video now (1 hour, 12 minutes):


Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of what exactly is in the book, go here: