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Jeff & PennyDear VegSource Reader,

Most everyone has heard of celebrated researcher and bestselling author of The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Most know about his groundbreaking nutritional research and admire the tremendous postive impact he has had for human health.

What many don't know is that at one point in his career Dr. Campbell was extremely ill...and he regained his health through water fasting.

Here is what happened.

Back in the early 1960's millions of chickens a year were dying from an unknown toxic chemical in their feed. Working at MIT at the time, Dr. Campbell was charged with isolating and determining the structure of this unknown chemical.

After two and a half years working with the chicken feed, Dr. Campbell was able to determine and discover what this new chemical was -- dioxin. Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals ever found, and it has since received widespread attention, especially because it was part of the herbicide 2,4,5-T (aka Agent Orange), which was used extensively for deforestation during the Vietnam War.

That was 1963, and Dr. Campbell has recounted how, back then after spending a day hunched over a machine examining this then-unknown substance, when he came home his wife could smell on him and his clothing -- what Dr. Campbell would later discover was dioxin.

Dioxin's deadly effects

Fast forward some 30-plus years after the daily exposure to dixon in the 1960's, and the effect of this toxic exposure was begining to have an impact on Dr. Campbell.

He began suffering paralysis in his face, slurred speech, and other severe symptoms. He sought out leading medical experts for help. Unfortunately, he was told nothing could be done, except to watch as his health deteriorated and his paralysis spread until he would die.

Dr. Campbell had learned of a water only fasting center in Norther Caliifornia called True North, operated by Alan Goldhamer DC, Doug Lisle, PhD, and others. Encouraged to give water fasting a try, since modern medicine offered nothing hopeful, Dr. Campbell embarked on a medically supervised water fast at True North. Because he began to feel improvements, he went back again for two more extended water fasts.

Water fasting can cure

The result of the fasting is that Dr. Campbell regained his health. A significant amount of the heavy dioxin load stored in his body fat apparently was released through the fasting, the paralysis reversed and Dr. Campbell recovered significantly.

Dr. Campbell subsequently helped the doctors at True North to document benefits of fasting in the scientific literature, such as that high blood pressure can be reversed through water fasting, and that it was effective in 82% of study subjects.

The effects of water only fasting -- when done correctly and safely -- are remarkable. A recent study suggested that fasting one or two days a week can have more benefits than a calorie restricted diet. Fasting is an ancient practice, and powerful healing modality, which often has much to offer.

Learn all about water fasting

If you would like to learn more about water fasting, we highly recommend a 1-hour video talk given by Michael Klaper MD, who is also part of the True North Health Center team. This DVD will give you the latest and most useful information about fasting, how and why it works, and the numerous conditions that can be improved and even cured with it.

For more information about Dr. Klaper's FASTING DVD, click here:

Love & Peas,
Jeff and Sabrina