Dr. McDougall Nutrition Bill Passed in Senate Committee (VIDEO)


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John McDougall MD authored a bill in the California legislation, SB 380. This bill would require all medical doctors in the state of California to include a course on nutrition as part of their continuing medical education.

The bill was strongly opposed by the California Medical Association, on the grounds that the legislature should not be telling doctors "how to practice medicine."  A version of the bill modified from the initial draft passed the committee this past Monday.

Scroll down to watch the opening statements of Dr. McDougall and Dr. Forrester.



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I couldn't be more pleased! Doc McDougall was my first step toward improved health.


And didn't they both do a marvellous job speaking? I hope those senators are listening because they might need doctors like this before they know it...


Way to go, Dr. McDougall!!


I'm keenly interested in who will set the guidelines for the nutrition education and how it will be implemented. This wasn't mentioned in the clip hearing, yet I imagine it must have come up?

This is groundbreaking all by itself. Nutrition and doctors? What will they think of next! I have the great good fortune of working with physicians on projects for health improvement (McDougall programs and the CHIP program for example) that does address nutrition as part of health care, yet I'm well aware that these physicians are in the minority.



Dr McDougall and Dr Forrester this is tremendous! Thank you for standing up for all of us that are trying to help those people wanting and needing wellness not sickness.

You have beautifully opened Pandoras Box!


Way to go Drs. McDougall and Forrester. Now how do we assure that when physicians get nutritional continuing education it will be accurate (i.e., a low-fat plant based diet works to treat and prevent disease) and not just the same ol' substitute chicken and fish for beef and eat more fruits and vegetables. How can we be assured that those who do the teaching/training know what they're talking about?


This is a very great news. Hope this trend will spread to other states of USA and all over the world. I went through Medical School twice in my life (one from my country of origin and one in the new country) and had 2 months work experience in USA, all I learnt about nutrition was how to treat patients when they are really sick or in ICU. Definitely, no early stage intervention was taught.
I think Nutrition Course should be not only a part of medical doctors' continuing medical education but it should be also a formal subject in all Medical Schools. However, a unified education system is needed for all doctors to learn and to educate their patients. In general, the patients are given very contradicted information from differnt sources - books, media, personal trainers...
Thanks Jeff and Sabrina for making "Get Healthy DVDs" over the years and thanks for all involved in those DVDs. I've learnt so much from you all. Under my eyes, you are really SAINTS on this earth. Hope these DVDs will become more and more popular to health medical professionals and to whoever cares about health.


Dr. McDougall, one of a kind! If this bill does pass, we have a big problem. . .there is probably only a dozen people in the whole United States qualified to teach what should be taught! I can't imagine any program like this being successful anyway. You think the doctors in this country will pay any attention to teaching nutrition when there are no big bucks in it for them. Why would the majority of them want their patients to become healthy. That's not good for their wallets!


You are right, there aren't enough qualified to teach this, but I still think its a great idea. Nutrition is very important and everybody should know this and also why.

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