Which Veg Doctor Is Right -- and Why You Shouldn't Care (VIDEO) | Jeff Nelson | 02/18/11

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McDougall, Fuhrman, Ornish, Esselstyn, Barnard -- and the rest.

Sure, they all agree that a healthy 100% plant-strong, or nearly-all plant-strong diet can reverse heart disease and work other miracles for your health.

But they don't agree on everything, do they!

So which one is most "right?"

Here's the VegSource answer: it's the same as the answer to the question: which exercise is best?

Answer: The one you'll do.

When looking at healthy plant-strong diets, the best one for you is the one that YOU will stick with. That's our take.

We feature many health legends at our annual Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Recently one Expo attendee asked our panel of esteemed experts how to figure out which of the highly regarded doctors is right.



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Jeff Novick, RD always has a way of saying things so well! :-)


It pays to take everyone's message at a stage your at. Fuhrman is awesome in the everyday nutrition foundational habits where Esselstyn is more about when you are too far gone and need a major fix.


I like Jeff, but he just gives a very political answer and never does answer her question.


I read and listen to Dr.John McDougall more than others, I am a ovo vegetarian I have 4 pet chickens.But if I had a heart problem
Dr. Esselstyno's diet would be the one I would follow.
My mom is a retired dietitian she is 94 in April, she follows a diet plan closest to Dr McDougall. She does eat meat, but anytime she has a problem she goes on mostly raw vegan diet.


The fact that they disagree is the most assuring one for me, since it makes their overall message far more credible. It also encourages us to walk our own individual paths tuning into our own bodies and following up on various points of view in order to take responsibility for our choices as we go. I have reservations about any movement that is so uniformly prescriptive that people blindly follow ...


I have been bothered some time about the difference of opinion between a couple of these doctors. I have the greatest regard and respect for Dr Esselstyne and Dr. McDougall but I find their dramatically different stance on oil perplexing! Dr Esselstyne points out that Dr Vogel demonstrated with the Brachiel artery test that a single fatty (oily) meal prevented that artery to return to nomal size for six hours! Dr Ess asserts that one meal can damage the endothelium. Damaged endothelium promote atheroslerosis. Dr Ess also cites studies of casualties during the Korean and Vietnam wars upon autopsies revealed more than 70% had evidence of arterial disease, and these among average age of 22 years in these men. The doctor also cites the Paday (spelling?) study which autopsies indicated that the evidence of arterial disease was ubiquitous among these 16-35 year old victims. So Dr Ess says "NO OIL". Never. but Dr McDougall permits oil and seemingly in generous amounts. I trust Dr McDougall implicitly but this dichotomy troubles me. Would anyone care to set my mind at ease?
PS: Jeff Novac: If you should happen to read this, please stop that incessant swaying from sise to side during you presentations. I enjoy your presentations but my Dramamine bill is getting out of hand!


Both Drs. Esselstyn & McDougall discourage oil and never use it in recipes. You can read about Dr. McDougall's position on oils at:

and tips from Mary McDougall about cooking w/out oils here:

There's a lot more on Dr. McDougall's site about avoiding all oils, just like Dr. Esselstyn (who has said he was originally inspired in a large part by Dr. McDougall's work).

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