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I've been chasing news stories and cats since my eyes were opened.

I seek only the truth, and doggie biscuits.

Blog Entries by News Hound

Look what the Newshound dug up - a new raw vegan restaurant coming to the Los Angeles area

News Hound | November 13, 09 at 07:40 PM | Food

Read More: Echo Park, Los Angeles, raw vegan restaurant

It looks almost as tasty as doggy biscuits! My humans can hardly wait to try it. Mooifood Restaurant...

Heavier Americans Push Back on Health Debate

News Hound | November 8, 09 at 05:12 AM | Health

Read More: health care, new york times, obesity

Fat people have an increased risk of chronic disease, and their medical costs end up being substantially higher than their leaner counterparts. So the government is weighing proposals that would make it easier for employers to use financial rewards or penalties...