Michael Greger MD

Michael Greger MD

Posted April 30, 2010

Published in Green

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How factory farms poison rural communities

Read More: Antibiotic, Antibiotic resistance, Factory farming, Pollution

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The latest salvo in the battle being fought in Ohio to prevent some of the cruelest factory farming practices was launched this morning, a new white paper which details the suffering wrought on neighboring communities by factory farms: noxious odors from massive open-air cesspits storing millions of gallons of untreated waste, ventilation fans blowing plumes of antibiotic-resistant bacteria out into the countryside, the contamination of well-water and waterways with fecal pollution and antibiotic drug residues, fly swarms of "Biblical proportions," and levels of air pollution sufficient to raise infant mortality rates and the incidence of asthma among children attending area schools.

Ending the most extreme confinement practices on factory farms will improve the welfare of both animals and local communities, but we need your help! 600,000 signatures are needed to get it on the November ballot. Please see for more info.