Michael Greger MD

Michael Greger MD

Posted December 9, 2014

Published in Health

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Dr. Greger Addresses Saturated Fat Confusion in New DVD

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Dec4 Vol 22 Launch.jpg

Considering concerns over saturated fat to be the #1 threat to their growth, the global dairy industry launched a covert campaign to "neutralize the negative image of milkfat among regulators and health professionals." This would be no small task, as leading health authorities around the world encourage the public to decrease saturated fat consumption "as low as possible" to lower the risk of chronic disease. Learn how the industry attempted to undermine the global scientific consensus and the fatal flaw in the recent saturated fat meta-analysis in a new series of videos I just completed. They are all available right now as a video download as part of my new Latest in Clinical Nutrition volume 22 (all proceeds go to charity). It can also be ordered as a physical DVD.

The saturated fat videos are all scheduled to go up on early next year, but you can download and watch them right now.

The current batch of videos from volume 21 on is set to run out soon, so starting next month and running through January, I'll be rolling out the videos from this new DVD, volume 22. The DVDs give folks the opportunity to sneak-preview videos months ahead of time, watch them all straight through, and share them as gifts, but there is nothing on the DVDs that won't eventually end up free online at If you'd like the works--40+ hours of video--you can get the complete DVD collection.

Here's the list of chapters from the new volume 22 DVD -- a preview of what's to come over the next few months on

  1. If Fructose is Bad, What About Fruit?
  2. Back in Circulation: Sciatica and Cholesterol
  3. Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape
  4. Food Industry Funded Research Bias
  5. Coffee and Artery Function
  6. Chicken Big: Poultry and Obesity
  7. Aspartame and the Brain
  8. Paleo Diets May Negate Benefits of Exercise
  9. Can Diet Protect Against Kidney Cancer?
  10. Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, and Eggs
  11. Why Do Vegan Women Have 5x Fewer Twins?
  12. Preventing Crohn's Disease With Diet
  13. Ciguatera Poisoning & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  14. Which Dietary Factors Affect Breast Cancer Most?
  15. The Saturated Fat Studies: Buttering Up the Public
  16. The Saturated Fat Studies: Set Up to Fail
  17. How Many Meet the Simple Seven?
  18. Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes
  19. Are Raisins Good Snacks for Kids?
  20. Never Too Late to Start Eating Healthier
  21. Enhancing Athletic Performance With Peppermint
  22. Turmeric Curcumin vs. Exercise for Artery Function
  23. Preventing Alzheimer's Disease With Plants
  24. Flax Seeds for Hypertension
  25. The Actual Benefit of Diet vs. Drugs
  26. Why Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure

Order my new DVD at It can also be ordered as a video download at

DVD Subscription

If you were a regular supporter, you'd already be a saturated fat expert by now, having gotten the new DVD two weeks ago! I now come out with new DVDs every 9 weeks (*phew*). If you'd like to automatically receive them before they're even available to the public, please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Anyone signing up on the donation page to become a $15 monthly contributor will receive the next three DVDs for free (as physical DVDs, downloads, or both--your choice), and anyone signing up as a $25 monthly contributor will get a whole year's worth of new DVDs. If you're already signed up and didn't receive your volume 22 yet, please email and she'll make everything all better.

If you'd rather just watch all the videos online as they launch, but would still like to support my work of cutting through the confusion and educating millions about healthy eating, you can make a year-end tax-deductible donation to using a credit card, a direct PayPal link, or by sending a check to "" c/o Michael Greger, 700 Professional Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20879.

Holiday Recipes

If you missed it last week, I featured an exclusive guest blog post by dietitian powerhouse Vesanto Melina, who made it her mission to come up with some celebratory superfood suggestions for the holidays. Check it out: Healthy Holiday Recipes. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Internship Opportunities
We have three new internship opportunities coming up in 2015:

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Technical Support

They are all remote, meaning the work can be done from anywhere, but unfortunately are all unpaid. They could be a great learning experience, though, not to mention how much good you'd be doing for the world by helping us help everyone make better dietary decisions. For more details, see our new Internship Opportunities page.

In my next DVD I'll address the Mediterranean diet--stay tuned!

-Michael Greger, M.D.


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