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xvx = vegan straight edge!

Blog Entries by Micco

Single-Serving Rice Pudding - with Endless Variations

Micco | January 30, 10 at 09:54 AM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: breakfast, desserts, food, gluten free, recipe, sugar free, vegan, vegan diet

When I woke up this morning, all I could hear was the tapping of rain against my window.  I pulled down my blinds to see soggy grey clouds and umbrellas shuffling down the street; it made me immediately fall back...

Secular Holiday Party? How About a Cookie Swap!

Micco | December 9, 09 at 12:36 PM | Food

Read More: christmas, cookies, food, holidays, parties, xveganx

Even being a godless vegan straight edge heathen, I love Christmas.  I'll be the first to admit there's a lot not to love about it.  For instance, I don't exactly love how wasteful it is: dead trees resurrected as Christmas...