Kari Cooks

Kari Cooks

Posted February 26, 2010

Published in Food

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Spicy Mushroom Tofu

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Kari's Spicy Mushroom Tofu

(inspired by *Ma Po Tofu)

Sauce Mix:

2 Tbsp Tamari

1 Tbsp Blackbean sauce with garlic (Kikkoman brand)

1 Tbsp Shao Xing cooking wine

1 Tbsp Turbinado sugar

1/2 Tbsp Chili garlic sauce


12 ounce X-firm Tofu, cubed

1 bunch green onions, sliced

1 carrot, peeled and sliced thin

4 or 5 large fresh Shitaki mushrooms, stems removed, sliced thin

1 1/4 cup mushroom broth (or vegetable broth)

2 tsp cornstarch mixed with 2 Tbsp water

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 T oil

1 Tbsp minced gingerroot

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 small dried red chiles


Bring a pan of water to boil. Add tofu and simmer 4 or 5 minutes. Drain well.

While tofu is cooking mix sauce ingredients together in a small bowl. Mix cornstarch and water in another small bowl. Gather remaining ingredients.

Heat wok. Add oil and swirl to coat wok. Add ginger, garlic and dry chiles. Stir fry 20 or 30 seconds. One at a time, add carrot, mushrooms and green onions. Stir fry til tender crisp about 2 minutes. Add sauce mix and stir fry 30 seconds. Add broth and bring to a boil. Stir in cornstarch-water mixture. Cook until broth thickens. Add tofu cubes and stir gently to coat. Simmer a few minutes then add peas. Stir to warm through. Serve immediately with rice.

This dish is mildly spicy. For a hotter dish increase chiles and/or chili sauce. You could also use chile oil instead of regular oil or add ground chile pepper. *Ma Po Tofu also includes Szechuan pepper.