Julieanna Hever, MS, RD

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD

Posted June 8, 2010

Published in Animals

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Meet the Ducks

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Meet the Duck Family. I just met them this afternoon. Yes, your eyes are seeing clearly...they are in a parking lot.

You see, while my kids were in school this morning, I went to the gym for some cardio and weights. Having been rather efficient with my workout, I was done early and was considering running to a coffee shop for a green tea soy latte as a treat before I had to pick up the kids. So, I walked to my car slowly (which is extremely rare for me as I am always in a mad dash to get everywhere). As I was pulling out of the parking structure, this is what I saw:

Of course, I did a double take...and it took me a moment before I realized whether or not this was normal or whether this was an emergency...I knew I had to do as I was in my car, I started following them to my side as slow as possible as they walked (or waddled) so I could warn other drivers. Then I realized that I had to get a picture of this because this would be an impossible moment to describe. Fortunately, I had my camera with me!
Then, as I was trying to herd them to safety with my new car, I noticed another man (who was soooo an Angel...I mean another animal rights activist was there at the right place at the right time???...really???...hmmm...) who was trying to do the same as me. Only he was talking to the Mama Duck: "Come on, Mama". Needless to say, I parked my car and was THRILLED to have a partner to try and save this painfully adorable little family.
We worked so hard to try and get the family to a safe place---away from the traffic! But Mama Duck was so scared. She was panicking even though we were trying to protect her and her babies. She was so nervous that she was losing touch with her communication skills. She would hop up on a curb and the ducklings were too little to follow her so they mini-quacked to get her attention. The nice gentleman figured out that we could just give the ducklings a boost with our hands....can I just interject here that I have never felt anything so soft in my life??? It took all of my willpower not to just scootch the entire family up into my car and bring them home with me. They did try to go under my car and hide...

I knew my kids would love them. My cocker spaniels and hubby...hmmm...not so much....or maybe too much (as in the wonderful text my husband responded to my question regarding where I could "purchase a duck family of my own"...he said "they have lots of them in most pet stores and restaurants").

After several minutes of cajoling/coaxing/encouraging the family towards a body of water in which we knew was nearby, we finally, unintentionally scared them into a bush. And they were in the in lying down and hiding from us. There was not much we could do at this point. Not to mention the fact that my kids were waiting for me to come pick them up and I couldn't be late. But who do I call? 911? The Animal Rescue? What is that number? I have not felt this helpless is a long time.
I did ask these men standing nearby (apparently there to perform some construction or repair work) to pay attention and make sure that when they finally emerged from the bush they would be guided in an appropriate direction. I even gave them directions to my home (not really, but I would have if I knew I could help the Duck Family and adopt them into my family).
A few hours later, I went back with my kids...just to see...I can't stop thinking about them. They weren't there. I just hope and pray they are safe and found somewhere to go where Mama could teach her gorgeous, ultra-fuzzy, heavenly ducklings to fly, eat, hop up a curb, and all the other tasks a baby Duck must learn before it moves up to adult status.
What do I know? I grew up in Los Angeles! I never saw anything like this. But I am in love...