Vegan Vagabond

Vegan Vagabond

Posted January 26, 2010

Published in Food

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Surviving as a vegan while traveling in a dairy and meat eating world

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I am writing this, because I know that I cannot be the only vegan out there that has a job that requires a lot of travel to a lot of different places. I can't be the only vegan that regularly has to deal with finding food to eat within the confines of corporate functions and conferences, where the catering is usually low quality over-cooked junk that is laden with butter, cheese, and meat. I am sure that there are other vegans other than me that have to endure business lunches and dinners with clients, as well as dealing with the adventures of finding vegan grub in airports and on airplanes. And, because of this, I would like to dedicate this blog to all things related to eating out in a meat eating world. I will start this blog off over the next few weeks and months by sharing how I find food to eat while traveling, attending conferences, and eating out with clients. I also do some adventure travel in various places around the globe and I will share my experiences with you as I travel.

My intent is both selfless and selfish. First, I am hoping that I can be of some service to my fellow vegans that struggle with this on a regular basis. Even for those of you that don't travel often or have to entertain clients, I am sure that there are times when you find yourself in the awkward position of being surrounded by a group of meat eaters and there are very limited food options for you and you struggle with putting together a meal. Second, I am hoping that, by sharing my travel experiences and my dining out tips and tricks, many of you will share your experiences, tips and tricks, and then I can further develop my skills. To be sure, I am by no means an expert at this. Like most every vegan out there, I have developed my skills through the school of hard knocks, but I can always use some new tips and tricks from fellow vegans. I do pride myself in being able to find food no matter where I go. It has become almost a kind of game or even a hobby for me. Iam looking to perfect my skills.

To develop this even further, it is one thing to be able to scrounge up a vegan meal in a meat world, but it is another thing to eat healthy. French fries are vegan, for instance, but they are not that healthy. I have many times found myself indulging in unhealthy foods, while on the road, that I would never consider eating if I were at home. I have gotten much better at this, as of late, but I believe that I will always struggle with it. Let's talk about this. A word of warning, I have the world's biggest sweet tooth and I make no apologies. I cannot and will not turn down good vegan desserts. Even worse, I am in your face about it. While I am indulging in these vegan delicacies, I will often be posting pictures. Don't worry, I will also share with you where you can find them. I am mean and nasty, but not that mean and nasty. :)