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I am a region sales director for a Fortune 500 Company, covering 15 states in the Midwest. I travel at least 2 to 3 trips a month, sometimes even more. When not working, I am golfing, practicing yoga, working with my 180 gallon reef tank, tinkering with vegan recipes, playing with my dog, staying out of my wife's way, or traveling to a far corner of the world on a new adventure. I am a "dietary vegan" with occassional moments of weakness.

Blog Entries by Vegan Vagabond

A veg*n refuge - Green Vegetarian Cafe in San Antonio

Vegan Vagabond | October 30, 10 at 06:20 AM | Food

Read More: cupcakes, pastries, restaurants, san antonio, texas, vegan, vegetarian

As I travel around for work, mostly in the Central US, I have grown accustomed to expect the worst when it comes to dining options in certain areas. Springfield, MO, Fargo, ND, and anywhere in Texas outside of Houston, Austin,...

BANG!! Evolution Happens!

Vegan Vagabond | August 22, 10 at 11:43 AM | Lifestyle

Read More: John Robbins, Lifestyle Choices, Veganism

WOW! I cannot believe that it has been over 3 months since my last blog!! Time flies and it never ceases to amaze me how big of a lazy procrastinator I am. It's not that I haven't thought about blogging....

Hello, my name is Jim. I am an imperfect "veg*n"

Vegan Vagabond | May 11, 10 at 12:53 PM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

I recently got in a little tiff with someone that was taking exception to someone being called a "vegan", when they were not "fully vegan." The premise of this person was, vegan is not just a diet, it is a...

Oh, no, here goes my diet!

Vegan Vagabond | May 6, 10 at 08:37 PM | Food

Read More: chicago, dining, Food, Restaurants, travel

I have always said, if I lived near Millennium Restaurant, in San Francisco, I would weigh 400 pounds. Ever since the first time I ate at Millennium, I have been envious that the good people of San Francisco were able...

The secret to surviving international adventure travel? CLIFF BARS!

Vegan Vagabond | February 24, 10 at 06:21 PM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: cliff bars, diving, food, travel, vegan

OK, this is probably something that every vegan already knows, but as I am planning my next big adventure, and as I communicate with the resort and establish my dietary needs, and hear, "No problem. We take good care of...

If you wouldn't eat it at home, why do you eat it on the road?

Vegan Vagabond | February 8, 10 at 09:38 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: travel, vegan, vegetarian

As I am currently on the road, I figured that I would blog about something that I struggle with and something that I know many of my friends and coworkers struggle with. When on the road, we tend to over...

Tip #1: Traveling as a vegan requires the proper frame of mind. If you want to change the world, you may have to change your mind.

Vegan Vagabond | January 29, 10 at 02:14 PM | Lifestyle

If there is one thing that I have learned, since becoming a vegan, that has helped me the most in my travels, it is to set my mind right. I used to set myself with high expectations and demand that...

Surviving as a vegan while traveling in a dairy and meat eating world

Vegan Vagabond | January 26, 10 at 06:34 PM | Food

Read More: Cooking, desserts, Food, restaurants, travel, vegan, Veganism, vegetarian

I am writing this, because I know that I cannot be the only vegan out there that has a job that requires a lot of travel to a lot of different places. I can't be the only vegan that regularly has...