Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted October 10, 2011

Published in Food

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What I learned by growing my own

Read More: fruits, garden, Soup, sprouts

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In a previous episode I showed off my winter window tomato garden.

The small tomatoes have continued to ripen and deliver a sweet treat every once in a while. Like this morning!

The larger ones have sadly not advanced from their pale orange stage despite my efforts to help ripen them - probably due to insufficient light or light hours. 

Larger tomatoes would need more sun to heat up their volume, I suppose, and the experts indeed confirm that smaller tomatoes ripen faster.

That's a learning experience in itself.  I read that "staying power is all you need", but their skins started looking tough so I finally gave up on ripening them and cut one open.  (I planned to add them to my vegetable soup.)

Look closely...


Those are sprouts...inside the tomato!

OK, so I found that there's nothing new on the internet and many people have already discovered that tomato seeds will sprout inside a tomato.  It is safe to eat them, even though they looked a bit dry and too gunky inside even to add to my vegie soup.

But it was quite frankly exciting to do it myself.  And the green ones did fine in the soup.  Yum!