Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted June 21, 2011

Published in Animals

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Purrrrfect vegans?

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Cats are carnivores.  They are natural hunters, skilled at stalking and swift at capture.  One of my trio of housecats had a leg and a tail off a skink yesterday before I could do anything about it.

So obviously, I'm now feeding my cats vegan food.

Why vegan?

I'm vegan.  I do not claim cats should be vegan.  A cat's natural diet is as much small wild prey as she can catch.  

But here are two reasons why this vegan chooses to feed our cats vegan food.

Normal pet food:

  • supports the animal product industry
  • is nothing like your cat's natural diet

Savoury Chicken is unsavoury

The meat for pet food comes from animal factories.   It is the meat that they absolutely can't sell for human consumption, and that's really saying something.  

As a vegan, I avoid supporting animal producers where I can.  Why then pay animal producers for the lowest quality product they have?

As a shock, my previous choice of high quality cat food, Iams, has a known history of cruel animal testing.  It is not the only one, and I had no idea until recently.  Here's more information about avoiding cruelty in pet food companies.

The Natural Diet

Cats survive quite well in the wild.  But cats are also engaging company, and populations of feral cats living naturally don't mix well with human dwellings.  So we feed them to coax them inside to live with us - a major interference in the natural order. 

I don't know about you, but I don't feed my cats mice, small birds and baby rabbits.  Instead, the domesticated cat's diet is manufactured:  dry kibble and pureed meatloaf.

And the meat is domesticated pig, cow, sheep, chicken, or fish flesh.   Not animals your average housecat would be capturing in the wild.  The rest of the food is filler.  

If you feed your cats manufactured food, the "natural meat diet" argument no longer applies.  Vegan cat food (fortified with essential taurine) nourishes your feline friend just as well as one based on factory floor scrapings, and supports an ethical industry instead.

The proof is in the eating

I have two types of vegan cat food.  My friend Alice from Angel Foods kindly sent me samples of both types she had tried, and all our cats gobbled them up.

I bought a popular brand from another vegan friend who is a local supplier, and I also have the rest of one bag from Alice, whose cats sampled another type and never went back.  My cats are getting this remainder bag first in case they decide to be just as choosy.

This cat loves the food so much it was difficult to get a photo.














Is it safe?

If you are considering transitioning your cat to a vegan diet, investigate first and ensure the food you have chosen has been approved for full nutrient balance.

PETA and VeganCats both provide vital information about health considerations.