Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted November 6, 2011

Published in Green

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Planting for Summer - the toilet rolls rocked!

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The summer squash seeds love their free biodegradable planters and showed their appreciation with big green leaves.

And the beans we planted at Small Poppies were going bonsai for lack of soil depth in that cute little decorated pink tub...unlike my planters, which are an ideal shape for deep little roots without needing lots of soil.

Trowel in hand, I investiged our kale and parsley jungle for some available real estate.  I approved some subdivisions, cleared some weeds, and began.

It's hard to let go of such faithful producers as the kale, but my sprouts need their turn in the sun.  So I stripped the last kale leaves (hello soup), shook off clouds of seeds, and pushed them over.

Frugal planters - priceless!

Planting into the garden using the biodegradable planters was so easy!  I could see little roots all ready when I unfolded the end, and the cardboard was well soaked from Nadia's last watering effort (I didn't know she read my blog!)  The structure protected the tiny plant and roots from the usual transplanting damage.


It was like moving a sleeping baby wrapped in a warm blanket.

My 3 year old could safely and easily plant these.  I had to plant the bean sprouts from their loose soil.


Three summer squash, two bean sprouts, and a harvest all for me...

I added more parsley to the last kale and the rhubarb is happy again.  


We also have the first strawberries. 

Planters_Strawberry.jpg    Planters_alex1.jpg

There were several.  What's the shelf life of a fresh garden strawberry?  Who knows?

Coming soon

What to do with all that fresh organic rhubarb - it's vegan, frugal, fatfree, and fabulous!