Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted February 19, 2011

Published in Food

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Truth and Justice in Food Labelling: for real people

Read More: additives, animal foods, calories, customer, Dr McDougall, fats, food labels, honest, ingredients, Jeff Novick, plant foods, readable, salts, sugars, water

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I challenged health advocates to join a push against food advertising.   How can we start?

I want simple food labels.  I want to see just what is in the package.  I want my grandmother to be able to read it, or any 11 year old.

I want stark honesty that leads consumers to reject fake foods because the truth is in their face.

Now I've answered my own challenge by translating my dream onto the page.  I will send it directly to PCRM, the creators of the Power Plate, and Center for Science in the Public Interest for consideration and review in support of their nutrition action goals.

Power Labels for Real Choice

Would you like all the loaves of bread on the shelf to have a large black and white label on the front like this?


Label Explained



The new labels are:

  • Readable - in language, size and layout.  If there are 25 additives, anyone can see it.
  • Honest - if there are 4 different kinds of added sugars, they must be labelled and grouped together
  • Informative - if those 4 sugars make sugar the highest calorie item, then the sugars category must come first. 

We need a revolution

Currently, food labels are deceptive, so we need expert advice to translate them.  I'm glad we have Jeff Novick and Dr McDougall to help.  But it is too hard and most people never do it.

We must demand labels that anyone can read.  The labels must serve the customer and not the seller.

These labels are a concept and a first draft.  If you have suggestions, please comment.

And if these food labels would help you, please share this post.