Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted August 21, 2011

Published in Celebrities

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Billy T James did not have to die at age 42

Read More: Bill Clinton, Billy T James, dr mcdougall, Elvis, heart attack, nutrition, plant based diet, vegan diet

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Billy T James.jpg

Last night I watched Billy T: Te Movie. It's a must watch for anyone interested in New Zealand Maori and European culture - or multiculture of any sort.

Introducing or remembering Billy T James

Here's some classic Billy T comedy showing his remarkable flexibility.

From birth, through the development of his career stages, to his tragically early death, his life was pure drama thinly overlaid by his comic talent.  His painful journey through a heart attack, quadruple bypass, and heart transplant had the feeling of an inevitable train wreck. 

Billy did not want to lie down and protect his health; he was addicted to the energy of the stage. 

And as his close friend and New Zealand costar Peter Rowley said:

I never saw a green vegetable pass his lips.  His favourite food was KFC. 

I already knew the ending of the story, but I could not help thinking:

Dr McDougall could have saved Billy T. 

Billy T vs Bill C

Billy T was lucky enough to get the gift of a new heart.  What if Billy T had also had the gift of health advice like former US President Bill C, who also suffered a quadruple bypass?  Clinton talked to CNN recently about his phenomenal health turnaround with a lowfat vegan diet.

We might still have Billy T. James' light and wisdom with us.  And we'd be better for it.

It's too late for Billy T.  And for Elvis, John Candy (both also dead at 42), and "Mama Cass" Elliot.  We lost them all for the same avoidable reason - a fatally unhealthy diet.

So whaddya reckon, mate?  Know any jokers worth saving?  You could help them be heart attack proof - just recommend Te Diet.