Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted November 5, 2009

Published in Health

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You've Changed! And so has VegSource

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Welcome to the new and improved -- VegSource 2.0...!

Pardon our dust, we're in Phase One of our redesign with a lot yet to do.

Look around, you'll see that articles are being sorted into new categories -- though only a small amount of our content is actually in the new system yet...  This is going to take some time, but we thought we might as well open the doors now so you can kick the tires and start getting used to the new format.

Now you can comment on articles, comment on blog entries, have your own profile, even have your own blog (just sign up, you can have a blog in our Community Area).

The discussion boards are still here, all the same. Those will be changing in Phase Two, and a lot of other things will be, too.

There's a lot more being added in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

We're busy in our offline lives, earning a living, and we've wanted to be able to update the site more frequently, but that used to take too much time. Now with this new technology going and a lot of automation added, we'll be able to do bring a lot more news to you a lot more often.

And you can still help, as always! Make comments, post interesting things on your own blog, and/or contact us and send us leads for stories you believe should be getting on the front page here.

How did we get this re-do going? Well I really have to thank Mihai Bocsaru of PRO IT Service for doing a lot of the heavy lifting. He's a total pro at Movable Type, and has been doing a terrific job on all the work.  Check out his site at