Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted January 30, 2010

Published in Lifestyle

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Nina, Randa & Willie Nelson a Hit in Joffrey's CINDERELLA

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If you're a longtime VegSourcer, you probably know that our twin daughters, Nina and Miranda, are lifelong dancers who particularly love ballet.  They are currently studying in a conservatory in Hollywood, where they drive an hour each way daily to attend, with dreams in their eyes of someday dancing with a professional company.

So when they heard the Joffrey Ballet was coming to Los Angeles to mount their production of CINDERELLA -- and the Joffrey was looking to hire some dancers locally, they jumped (pardon the pun) at the opportunity!

The Joffrey brings its full company to Los Angeles for the show, but they do not travel with children. Instead they hire any dancers under age 18 they need locally. A hundred or more girls auditioned for 5 spaces in their age group, Nina and Randa were selected, along with their best friend, Morgan!

randa_pose.jpgThey also needed a half dozen boys age 15 to 20. So who got one of those jobs? Our 13-year-old son, Willie!

Last week the kids rehearsed with the company, and they missed three days of school rehearsing this week.

The rehearsals and performances are at the premiere theater location, the Music Center at Dorthy Chandler Pavillion (where they put on the Oscars for many years).

Sabrina and I got lost in the immense backstage area at the Music Center.  The theater is also huge, and seats 3,200.

The theater was packed for the show's premiere Thursday night, and it was glorious. Costumes and sets were exquisite, the special effects clever, and the dancing was first class.  It doesn't get any better than this!

But don't take the word of a proud father for it. The LA Times gave this show a rave review.

The kids have already performed in two shows, we have a matinee and an evening show today, and the final matinee tomorrow.

To Nina, Randa, Willie and Morgan: Break a leg! You guys are the best.


Meanwhile, some shots from the girls' dressing room:


Miranda Nelson & friend


Morgan is very flexible!


Nina looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Warming up before the show - very serious girls!


Doesn't look humanly possible...


Cinderella and the Prince